EWR, JFK, or LGA????


I’m going to be traveling to New York for the 1st time in October. What do you suggest for an airport? LaGuardia, Kennedy, or Newark?


A private jet into HPN or TEB


haha, i agree with damiross!! :laughing:


If there is a significant price difference, go with the cheapest, since it is relatively easy to get into the city from all locations.


If you fly Southwest you could always fly in to MacArthur (KISP). A few others fly into there as well (Continental, Delta, US Air), but if you’re going to fly one of those you might as well just go to one of the three aforementioned airports.


That’s fine if your destination is on Long Island, but if you’re headed into Manhattan it shouldn’t even be considered.




It really depends on where you’re flying from, as well as other factors that differentiate the 3 NYC ports. All else (price, etc.) being equal, I’d go w/ JFK, just to see all the heavies and the cool international liveries. EWR has some TransAtlantics also, but JFK has the REAL variety that flight spotters look for. :smiley:


Depends on your needs at the time…
Cheapest fare and transit into NYC - EWR
Fastest way into NYC via taxi - LGA
Most connections out of NYC - JFK

Personally, I’m all about getting in and out quick :laughing:
So my vote goes with LGA


You CANNOT beat the views when flying into and out of KLGA…

Depart Rwy 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhaJ-yX5GLE)

Depart 31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG98Eb4sPno)

ILS 22 in T-storm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anE8DCj4wDc)

Expressway Visual Rwy 31 on a BEAUTIFUL clear late afternoon…



That is true too. I forgot about that.


If delays are a concern, JFK gets nowhere near the consistent delays that LGA and to a lesser extent EWR get this time of year from both traffic and weather.

editAfter typing this, I went to the Airport Arrival Demand Chart at fly.faa.gov/Products/AADC/aadc.html and found that both EWR and LGA will be experiencing delays tomorrow, whereas JFK is operating at near half capacity over the same interval.