Recommend Flight School in NJ

I’m looking for a good flight school in Northeast NJ (I’m in Bergen County), please help.

Lincoln Park, NJ

I’m a Jersey boy, feel free to ask me any questions. Lincoln Park, Caldwell, or Morristown would be my choices.

Yes I was looking @ them online, any CFI’s I should ask for? I was leaning towards Essex Airport as it’s a bit closer for me (I’m in Teaneck).

I was looking @ Century and Mac Dan @ Essex/Caldwell, any preference?
Should I care about Part 141/61 schools?


That’s how it’s pronounced in Brooklyn.

To shuto007 - It’s worth your while to visit the schools and take a look at their aircraft, flight simulators, and ground training facilities. Century is run by a retired American Airlines pilot who is also a Designated Pilot Examiner for the FAA.

I haven’t flown out of Lincoln Park in a year or so and I just rent from there, never did flight training.