flight school in DuPage, IL?

New to the forums, but I wanted to take full advantage of the amount of knowledge on this particular site. I am interested in finding a good, reputable part 91 flight school in the DuPage county, IL area. A friend of mine who is a pilot has explained that some schools that also do charter, along with part 141 schools either need too high of a degree of time dedication or may not be able to dedicate enough time to me as the student. I will soon graduate from college, and will then be busy with work and would like to find a conducive atmosphere to my needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I think whay you are looking for is part 61 not 91, that would allow you more flexibility, part 141 is generally rather structured. I would say find the nearest two or three airports from you, (most people are within 20 minutes of an airport, I am within 30 minutes of 6 airports) And find the FBOs on the field, i guarantee there will be the kind of instruction you are looking for.

Oh and welcome to FA and good luck on you endevor!!! we all wish you the best

Illinois Aviation Academy is on the field at DuPage.


I used to go to KDPA quite a bit with an owner/pilot, talked with these folks a few times. Nice operation.
They are affiliated with several locals colleges, which could mean you can get low interest education loans to help out with training costs.

**Don’t rule out 141 schools. ** There are tons of schools that have an approved 141 program. They’re not all hardcore, full time places. Also, you could potentially finish advanced ratings in less time. Don’t let your pilot friend’s “expertise” dissuade you. Go visit schools and chat with as many students as you can. Ask about aircraft availability, instructor availability, ground school options, etc… Good flight schools don’t let charter operations affect the flight school. The majority of instructors aren’t 135 (charter) qualified anyway.

Also, American Flyers, but they might be a bit of a “pilot mill” or too structured for your tastes.

Flight school search:

**BTW, don’t get sucked in by the sleek airplanes with the nice glass cockpits! **

Don’t get me wrong, these are nice airplanes with great avionics, but you don’t need this for primary training!!! Less is more in primary flight training. If you have big shiny TV screens sitting in front of you, you’re going to spend more time staring at them.

Far better to pay $115/$125 an hour for a “steam gauge” airplane than pay $150/$180 for a glass panel that is secondary to what you’re learning. Besides, you’ll be able to afford more flight time, and you can transition to the glass when you have the basics down.

This should be mandatory reading for all student pilots!

Your job as a student pilot under VFR flight rules is to keep your eyes outside the aircraft watching for traffic and maintaining your situational awareness by instrument scans, not having your attention riveted to the PFD. If you’re there for the hi-tech displays with their pretty colors and flashy renderings, stay home and fly FSX!

You have all been a huge help. Thank you very much.

Holy crap! I was helpful??? I think that’s twice this month. Gotta slow down!

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Whatever you do, get some references from the flight INSTRUCTOR and flight school and I don’t mean the CFI’s friends or family. Talk to current students and past students. Good luck!

Oh, Did I mention to talk to past and present students?

Call Travel Express Aviation and ask for Bryce or Ken. They can help you out. Ken owns the place, and Bryce is a top notch instructor there. They can start you out in a good VFR plane and then move you up to more sophisticated planes as you need, and can do it totally around your schedule.

Good luck,