Advice On Where To get trained

I currently have my private pilot license with 75 hours total time. Should I finish out at my local airport or should I go to a place like Flight Safety for the rest of my training. I am currently a sophmore in college.

What are your goals? Are you in a position where someone will pay for your schooling? Are you prepared to take on a large student loan?
I did nearly all of my training at my local field, and worked there as a line guy in the meantime. Discounted and the occassional free flight are perks, but working full time and taking classes online and flying during the rest of the time means it will take you longer than it would at a ‘real’ flight academy.
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This threadalso has some good info on flight training schools.

Keep in mind, if you attend a part 141 flight school, the minimum hour requirements should be substantially lower than at your local flight school.

Unless your local flight school is also part 141 certified, which is entirely possible.

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My goal is to be a commercial pilot. Either or fractional or airline. I have some money saved back, but it will only take me part of the way. I would love a line job,but I live in a smale town and the local airport is not that busy.

Same here I want to get my ATP rating then fly for an airline. Doesn’t matter that the airport is small. The biggest aircraft at Dayton is an A-319. So i’m coming from the same place there.

Is it easier to get hired if you go to a school like flight safety or Spartan.

If your local airport flight school is not busy then they will probably not be looking for another flight instructor once you get your CFI. I know some CFI’s who moved across the country to take a CFI position at relatively small flight schools. It’s easier to get a CFI position when you have some history with the school, like getting a rating or two with them. So maybe one of the larger schools would be a better choice for you.
There are almost always CFI positions posted on , if you want to move someplace new.

Is Spartan as good as they say they are

A few thoughts on training for a career in aviation. You mention that you are in college and want to pursue a career as a pilot.
Your best bet would be to enroll in a Part 141 university program. The benefit is that you can obtain federal student aid not only for college tuition, but also to help cover your flight training cost. Also, you will recieve more in depth training on weather, systems, etc… Even if you don’t want to get an aviation degree, you could pursue another course of study while taking advantage of the university flight training and aviation courses.
There are many university programs these days, and I’m sure a little research, or just asking questions here, will provide a wealth of info.
Alternately, you could go to a large school that offers a package program where you are guaranteed the training for a set price. This way you can finish your degree where you are and then go and earn your ratings at an accelerated pace. Also, many of these programs offer job opportunities through partnerships with airlines, etc…
I see that you’re in Starkville, so perhaps you should look at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, LA or at Louisiana State -Monroe, both of which have accreditated programs.

Thank you for the advice. I mentioned about the commercial schools I was thinking about, but I did not mention the other idea of going to a university about two hours away from me, which is Delta State University. So would that the best bet?

If money is an issue, keep in mind that instate tuition is about 3-4 times cheaper than out of state tuition. That played a big role in where I decided to go.

Sounds like Delta State might be a good option. I don’t have first hand knowledge of the program, but they certainly seem to have a well designed program as well as some top level equipment. Be sure to inquire as to job opportunities, ie. instructing, and internship programs that the school offers. I know money is an issue for all of us, but don’t limit yourself to in-state colleges. There are good programs all over the nation.

Here is a good link to find high quality programs:

The first thing that you really need to do is find an Instructor (Certified or not) that does not use the word “License.” The FAA grants Pilot “Certificates” not licenses. You need a “License” to get Married in most States and you need a “License” to drive a car that is issued by a State in every State, but the FAA allows that all you need is a “Certificate” in order to fly in the FAA’s system. The Wright Brothers had neither a License nor a Certificate when they started to fly and they did a pretty good job of teaching others to fly their machines.

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I’m an instructor and I have used the word “license” when referring to a pilot’s certificate. Get over it.

Have you ever heard of a “P.P.L.” in reference to training and certification? The “L” in “P.P.L.” stands for LICENSE (the “P.P.” stands for “Private Pilot”).

Go ahead and “GOOGLE” “ppl” and “flying”. You’ll see a lot of references to “PPL”. Now, on the other hand, if you GOOGLE “P.P.C.” (for “Private Pilot Certificate”) and “flying”, you won’t find anything about “certificates” anywhere.

The FAA also recognizes the synonmous usage of the word LICENSE. If the FAA can do this, then I think you could too!

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