online ground school vs flight school's ground school??


Hey guys and gals this is my first post, I read a lot here just never had the need to post anything. I have a question, what are the differences and or benefit of doing the $350 online ground school instead of just doing the ground school in a flight school money wise . Thank you


As a lowly non-pilot, I’ll probably be dissed for this. I’d go with the online school IF you learn better that way. I know I do. Best of both worlds would be to take the course online with a mentor available.


There will be more experienced and more trained pilots to respond, but I could not resist adding a thought. This from a person who flew many years ago, but has not flown in quite a while -except as an airline pax. I cannot fathom that an on-line syllabus does much more than teach the test, but likely hits most of the details, and clearly states the course material. For me, I would value the in-person ground school for the interaction with the instructor and likely a few other students there, too. My thought: do both if you can swing it. $350 sounds like a lot (until you get used to flying…), but it is cheap for what it is worth! You cannot learn too much, imho.


If the school you are attending is a Part 141 school, you must complete their syllabus. If it is a Part 61 school, you just need to demonstrate the knowledge.

Depending on the instructor, I would guess you will garner more value out of the one on one with your CFI.