What the <insert descriptive here> am I doing??


So I am going to start flight training. Considering the gargantuan costs involved I have the idea of doing most of my ground stuff via the DVD courses from Sporty’s and flight school twice a month for the flight time as my personal situation allows.
What’s bugging me is wether or not this is a smart move or foolish and wether or not this is cost effective. Also, if it will speed up the time in getting the PPL so I can move on to the IFR and multi engine stuff.


If you’re only planning on flying twice a month, then you’re going to spend much of your time each lesson relearning what you forgot from the last lesson. It’ll take you more total time to get your license, which means much more money in the end.
I know it’s expensive, but try to find a way to fly much more often, maybe 2-3 times each week, at a minimum. Depending on where you are, you may get weathered out and have to cancel once a week, think what that would do to your original schedule of only twice a month.
It’s the same thing after you get your license, you need to fly at least semi-regularly to keep those skills up.
Good luck


+1 to Champdriver’s post. The total outlay of money will be less if you go at least 2x per week because you won’t spend the first .3 hours “shaking the rust off” (believe me it happens after only a week or two of non-aviation) Also have the money set aside to finish…there are many people who started taking lessons but never finished because life* required the money be used elsewhere. (Many FBO’s will give discounts if you purchase instruction and hours in blocks). Lastly, start ground school, then start flying a few weeks later. What you learn in the classroom will enhance what you learn in the air, and v-v. Neither a sim or stick time will be effective if you only “fly” occasionally.

*life = That annoying thing that happens while you were busy making other plans!