Good Flight School


I want to know if this is something that I should jump on to become a pilot. Is this just to become a co pilot or the pilot who flys??? Please send me your opinions to me by Private Message because later on tonight I won’t be able to go into the Discussions do to a child safe at my other house. So PLEASE PM it to me. Thanks!!!


Total cost of both packages is only $61,569 - Less than the cost of just the primary flight training at many flight schools!

WHAT are they smoking? Maybe if you include the cost of a Bachelor’s degree in the other schools’ “primary” training.
How many decades exactly would it take for a pilot to pay back those loans with pilot’s pay?


Do you have any ideas??? I am no good in school but am trying better. And i’m not looking to go to college I just want to get everything done and fly as a living. PLEASE if you have any ideas PM me.


Hey im like in the same situation as you nitro… if any one finds any thing please tell me too!


If you don’t want to spend years paying off loans, you can join the military.


What about the Civil Air Patrol?


Get better at school, get a good job and pay for lessons :smiley:

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to being a good pilot.



A good start would be writing your post in Word, and then editing them for grammar and spelling mistakes.

You never know who might be reading your post, maybe some millionaire who as a kid always dreamed of being a pilot. Now he is looking for the right person to give his money to so they can follow their dream.

Hey Mr. Money bags, if you’re reading this I’d love to add a Lighter then Air with commercial privileges to my ATP.


Firefox also has spell check built in, very handy. :slight_smile:


How do you access it?


Yes it does, which is why I use it. Because I tend to misspell KAT :laughing:

My other problem is that I spell the wrong word write all the thyme. :open_mouth:


It’s automatic in all text input fields in Firefox 2.


Beat me to it. It’s very handy, because I had been using the Google toolbar before that.