Becoming a Pilot and the Money Issue

Basically, I am going to college for aviation, and got screwed in the scholarship department, I was wonder, well hoping rather that maybe someone here could give me an idea of a good place that might have some, maybe a flight club or a company or something, (and yes I already looked on google, i dont qualify for most i find… i had bad luck in the last forum i disscussed this in, they basically all told me i was an idiot for asking and that i should stick to google so sorry for the tone lol) If you could please help it would be great… and sorry if this topic has been discussed over and over agian. Thanks

Have you spoken to the Air Force or Army?

Where are you attending college for aviation and whats your major?

Well, I don’t know how far you want to go, but you can really save money by learning from an instructor, and not an aviation school. Then again, if you’re hopes are to get your ATP, then it’s a different story.

My major is Aviation flight operations, so basically a fancy way of saying it their professional pilot program. You get all your ratings and its a typical four year college type deal, im sure you guys know about it lol, sorry to make it sound like you don’t understand. I would have gotten my private this year but the tuition for my school includes that and at the time i didnt have enough money to do it. I’ve only flown a total of 5 hours so im basically a noob. I love the college and i know it the route i wanna go, though many people disagree with it. I flew there over the summer and its awesome. It seemed like an alternative to the air force and army because i was told i wouldnt be able to fly as the captain of any military planes because of my eye sight, but my eye sight is good enough to fly commercially (i wear corrective lenses and have my medical already so thats not a big deal)

Thanks for your imput anyways, even though i sound completely illiterate in my first post, its been a hell of a long day I dont know how I let all those little things go

Sorry for nagging but what school are you at?

its cool. Daniel Webster

$$$!! (I hate to be the one to tell you that flight training at DW is not included in your tuition, you pay a separate fee for it.)

Are you from NH originally? Do you not have access to a state-funded university or college aviation program?

yeah sorry correction lol, i basically automatically think the 50 grand is the actual tuition there, I’ve gotten so used to adding in the extra fees for flight training that i basically just automatically reply with its in my tuition.
Im not from nh and if my state had a flight program i would do it, but im basically sol in the department

DW is one of the most expensive ways to gain a ticket, but I understand the draw of the campus, it’s quite lovely.

I remember when my son flew DW across my bow as one of his potential aviation schools. I quickly shot it down. Well… once I stopped laughing I shot it down.

For someone seeking assistance with obtaining funds to continue your education and training you’re certainly less than forthcoming with personal information. What state are you from? I can’t think of any state that doesn’t have either a state university supported aviation program, an aviation scholarship program, or both.

Yeah, I knew I wanted to go to college, and I really wanted to fly. It seemed like a good match to do both at once. I understand its expensive, but i love it there. Anywho, sorry about being so short with eveything. Im at work so im not really supposed to be surfing the web, but I get quite bored…(and i have two jobs to help pay for DWC so working isn’t really what i want to be doing seeing as im stuck behind a desk all day) and have to make these short and sweet if the management is around. I live in Maine, so nh is close (another reason for going to nh) I have been lucky enough though to get my parents to cosign a parent loan for me to go there, but the more scholrships i get, the less they have to take out. And thanks for at least no being a total jerk when responding to me lol

Did you son end up at an aviation school? If you don’t mind me asking

Don’t mind your asking at all. He finished up at the aviation university at UVSC but he got almost all his ratings locally here at N14.

Maine eh? Damn! That’s one of the few states that offers nothing for local students, although I believe you can attend SUNY at in-state rates for aviation under a reciprocal agreement. A year at DW costs the same as four years at SUNY!

In one of life’s little ironies my son is at Twitchell’s in Turner, ME this week getting his float rating!

Floats on a pasta rocket?? :smiling_imp:

Heck of a mental image, eh? :laughing:

Wish I were more adept at Photoshop so I could whip up a believable picture of his P180 on a set of EDO amphibians!

that is insane, i live no joke like ten minutes from there, i fly out of twitchells when i take lessons and stuff… thats insane, i didn’t know people actually went out of their way to get a float rating and came all the way to maine. And as far as local flight stuff in maine, you can see why i ran into issues and resorted to dwc lol

Cue Twilight Zone music… :wink:

If you’re gonna’ get your float rating, why not get it somewhere pleasant to look at and fly over? AK and WA were too far for a short vacation, so it came down to ME.

This is true, if i can say one good thing about maine its that it is beautiful, whether your on the ground or in the air.

Presenting the 2009 Piaggio Seavanti S-180!

S.Vanti In action!
P.S. It was a rush job, not open to negative criticism, lol.

I like it! Great job! :smiley: