Does anyone know where a strugling flight student can get scholarships? I am right on the edge of having to give up flying because it is too expensive and all of the scholarships I have looked into have turned out to be nothing.


do a Google search on flight training scholarship.


I have tried that in the past and found some great scholarships, the problem is that I am a freshman in college and 98% of the scholarships are for sophmores and above. It is hard for me to find something for a person just begining in aviation who doesn’t have wealthy parents to take care of everything. I do appreciate your suggestion though, so thank you for trying to help me out.


What I’m about to say may be blasphemous to a person learning how to fly.

If you can’t afford it right now, why not delay flight instruction until your sophomore year? I know you want to get all the flight time you can right now but it might be better to wait a few months when you do become a sophomore.

Waiting would also give you the time to have a part time job where you can save some money. I know most of my college expenses were born by me through part time and eventually full time jobs, although I did have some help from my grandparents.

Though it was difficult at the time, I feel that by paying for my own education I came out ahead. I’ve never really been a believer that parents owe their children a post-high school education. If the student pays for his own education (or at least a good portion of it) then he will appreciate it more.

Just my two cents. In any case, good luck in your educational endeavors.


I hate to say it but that’s probably what I will have to do, the only reason I didn’t want to wait until sophmore year is because I am very close to getting my license. I am almost finished with my cross country flights and after that it is a breeze to getting my license. But I think you are right I can just pick up where I left off next semester. I appreciate your help.


“Bartering” can do wonders.

Maybe washing school airplanes may get you an hour or two of flight time. Never hurts to ask. :slight_smile:


Bartering is a very good suggestion. Don’t limit it to washing aircraft - ask if there is ANYTHING you can do for the flight department in exchange for flight instruction.

Along the same lines: check to see if your flight instructor has his own aircraft or teaches outside of the school you are attending. If so, perhaps you could barter for flight time with him in his aircraft, assuming it’s a suitable aircraft for training.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck. Being so close to your goal I know it must be frustrating to not complete those last few hours.