Flying lessions


Ok, I am interested in taking flying lessions but I do not know who to take them from. How do you find out if someone is teaching them? My home airport is KDAY. I think Wright Brothers Aero does them but not sure. Any advice?



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I would suggest going into the local FBO’s and asking them for information.


Yes - AirNav and BeAPilot are good scources for learning where lessons are offered…

A little advice…
Don’t just go in and sign up for lessons. Remember, YOU are the BOSS hiring an instructor! The FBO may want to assign an instructor to you based on rotational status (it’s his turn for a new student). Look into the instructor’s background - is he a young guy just building time for the airlines, or an ATP who simply loves teaching his craft? (don’t necessarily discriminate on that basis alone though, but consider it as part of the “hiring” process). Talk to the instructor - do you like him, or is he a pompous ass with an ego? Ask to see his license and medical certificate - Able to produce it on-the-spot? Is it up to date? Any deficiencies? :wink: .

Go to and check out comments posted about the FBO. Ask to see some of the planes… do they look sound, or is there something that catches your eye like a tire low on air, or stains somewhere that looks like it should be clean. Ask to see current plane and instructor schedules - how far in advance do you have to schedule plane and pilot…? Does that amount of time work for you? Talk to other students - especially ones assigned to your instructor…

Once you do sign-on, and if you don’t like your instructor, give 'im “The Cobra” and tell him, “You’re FIRED!” You’ve got 2 other aiports near KDAY offering training - check them out too.


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BTW: We ARE talking about "Flying Lessons, aren’t we? Flying Lessions, though still spelled wrong, reminds me of a nasty wound. :angry:


Ok, Thanks for the info Neadle! Now how would it be different if I just put it off until college?


Depending on where you go to college, they may have it as an actual class. I know that OK State has it as do many others.


Are your parents rich?

If pursued in college, flight training is ADDED to the college costs.

Can become quite expensive.


Didn’t know that. Thats why there are student loans! I was just wondering how the procedures are different. I would also like to have a college degree under my belt.


OK State adds the flight time…ground instruction is included in tuition, like a normal class.

Sorry, should have clarified.


Only if you feel comfortable having up to $100K or more in debt the day you graduate. Our deal with our three kids was that we would pay for whatever college they got accepted at.

Of course! Can’t do anything anymore without one. CFI just (finally!) got his BS in “Aviation Professional Pilot”.

OSU has an excellent flight training facility.


Isnt’ that a lot like underwater basket weaving?


lol! Well I was hoping osu had an graduate program for avaition but I might just go there for under then some other for graduate.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think just about the only graduate degree program (ie, MBA) would be in Aviation Management. There are higher levels on maintenance technician, but I don’t think those would be considered “graduate degrees”


It’s a real BS from a recognized school. What more do you want?

His wife’s BA from the same school is in “Professional Aviation Management” IIRC.


Is there an accreditation organization responsible for flight programs? If there is one, make sure to check to make sure yours is on the list.


Please describe this school that you say is so recognizable. How can I recognize it if you don’t describe what it looks like?

I withheld the BS comment…because I am a nice guy…


Miami University in Oxford has a flight program, I don’t know much about it but you should check into it because then you wouldn’t have to pay out of state tuition.


He’s near Dayton, which is why I gave him the link!