Whats it take


I have NO pilot experience what so ever and I am graduating this year. I want to become a pilot for and airlines, how do I start this dream that I have. If anyone has any info that would help me it would be nice. I guess what i’m looking for is what should I do after high school.


You should go to your local airport and get information from one of the local flight schools.

To find a flight school, check out:



Tons of sources.

Start with beapilot.com/indexfl.html and stop dreamin’

Also, look into scholarships for airline training. I am sure your high school can help you. Military also may be a source to consider.



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Only 20 hours of FI with 35 hours of flying time? I thought you should get at least 2 hours of ground instruction/post-flight briefing to 1 hour of actual flying. A Cessna 152 for $89/hr! No way. $50/hr of instruction! Can I find a CFI for $40ish/hr? I think it would be better to get a CFI on my own instead of a flight school. I want to get PPL, IFR, Multi, Commercial, and ATP ratings (and may be seaplane). I should probably look around a lot more to make sure I’m getting good instruction without paying more than I should.


2 Hours of ground to one hour flight is a LOT of ground school. Too much in my opinion. (I’d run out of things to say!) Remember, most of the ground school these days is done on your own with one of the computer based training courses, like Cessna’s CBI “kit”. Very good course, you can even do a demo of the first lesson from that link. I see pre/post instruction included in there, that’s good. A half hour before and half hour after each lesson to prepare and review the lessons.
It’s not near you (by about 2100miles) but here’s what my old school (no pun intended) charges as a “package” deal.
Why do you want to get a freelance instructor rather than one from a school?


I wish I could go Air Force or Navy but medical conditions point to NO. Thanks for all the feed back I will look at those links. Oh and with my grades I don’t think I will be seeing any scholarships anytime soon I F****D Off to much freshmen year. :cry: :blush: Oh and Frontier doesn’t fly out of BTV I added that picture because it was the right size I can’t figure out how to make picture smaller.


The school I go to has the planes (1998 model 172R’s) for $85/hr and an instructor is only $35/hr. Our G1000’s are $90.

In my opninion, if I’m going to go to the military, I will wait till I get my bachelor’s because then I can jump right in and have a better chance at a flight spot.

Side note on the breast feeding: I have no problems w/ seeing it… but then again I’m young, dumb, and full of… well you know how it goes.


My bad it was Freedom airlines. Boy that’s ironic, Freedom.

Ya, that might be a little old :wink: Though they say breast feeding for 24 months decreases your risk of breast cancer by 50% so it stand to reason that 4years means you’ll never get cancer. :unamused:


That’s a bit naive considering the current and projected recruitment demands for flight crews. All of the services can currently overfill their flight schools by cherry-picking from a bevy of volunteers. You need to make yourself attractive to them.

Are you in college now? Check into ROTC offerings on your campus. If there’s no ROTC on your campus, check into what’s offered on other campuses near you.

Spending some time “in the trenches” of ROTC shows commitment on your part. Nor need you be in enrolled in the ROTC of the service you eventually wish to join.



$4500 for your private. 40hours MINIMUM
$4500 for your instrument 40hours simulated 15 with an instructor MINIMUM
Another 150 hours for your commercial (250 total required) (150*90/hr) $16200

Get your CFI-I maybe $1500 and start to teach.

Multi rating $3000

Get your MEI and instruct in a twin $1000

Now you have your first flying job; you have around 400 hours flying and spent around $31000.

Is he still reading???

As an instructor you might make $15000/yr. You’ll be doing this for sometime. You need about 1500 total time and 500 multi to move up in your carrier.

Now youre flying freight or for a commuter, making $20000/yr.

You should be about 23 years old know and be freight flying for at least 2 years. You’ll have 3500 hours and 2500 multi. Time to move up.

OK where are you know??? NetJets??? Did you stay at the commuter and move to the left seat. Hey youre a captain at an airline. You’ve made it, your 25 years old and making $27000/yr.

How long are you going to stay, maybe forever? If the company last. Wait you want to fly big iron, an Airbus.

Ok call Skybus (I have an offer), A319. SWEAT…first year FO $30000/yr, first year capt. $68000. (no I’m not taking the offer, I know I’m turning down an airline job and an A319/320 type)

Please know that the $250000/yr airline jobs are gone forever IMHO. Check out here for minimum hiring requirements and pay scales (scary pay) And here to see who’s hiring.

Also check out my response to a similar question here

If youre still reading, you might have what it takes.

You will need a 4 year degree; (cheap at a state school, expensive at UND or Perdue-another $40000) it doesn’t need to be in aviation. I have a degree in HR. I would go to a school that has an aviation program; you can roll required aviation classes into student loans. Also instruct if you can, you learn SO much from watching.

I know it all sounds very gloom. I’ve always believed that it should all be laid out for someone. It’s a huge commitment. You don’t want to have spent $10000 to find out that you can’t do this b/c you ran out of money or time.

Man I suck at promoting aviation.

I think in the long run becoming a Dr. is easier (cheaper for sure), and you’ll make more money. Then you can buy a plane.

I say that last part kind of tongh in cheek, I know Dr’s pay their dos too. That’s another job I wouldn’t want.


I respect as well as see your point of view, however; I’ve come up w/ my conclusion via a couple of my fraternity brothers are currently flying for the navy w/out the rotc and whatnot. I do believe this would help you get in the door, but I don’t believe it’s a must(and yes K-State offers ROTC, I know a couple guys in it, no offense to anybody who may have taken that route but they’re a bunch of d-bags, maybe it’s just this group of them, but I don’t like them. By the way, that was one hell of a run on sentance.) Also I’m not really feeling the military route so I guess there isn’t much to debate.


Followup: Nursing moms take to airports in show of solidarity



Since your are correcting yourself:

It is spelled Sentence.


Am I missing out on anything by training in a 152 instead of a 172 and saving at least $1000 (e.g. 11 hours)? How many hours will I have to be instructed in a 172/182 to be able to fly it on my own by my self if I want to (i.e. want to take family, faster aircraft, etc.)?


Maybe 2 or 3 hours (if that) to get aquainted to the 172 from the 152.
182 will be more due to the constant speed prop and much more power. If it’s an RG it will be much more, maybe 10 hours.


Anybody know anything about these schools? I think they run under FAR Part 141
Delta Connection Academy
Jet University
FlightSafety Academy
Gulfstream Training Academy

…and then there’s
Airline Transport Professionals

I see their ads in FLYING every month and think of what might’ve been…


Selfish plug. Yes go there (I work for FSI in KCMH after all). IM me before you go, I get a sales spiff. :laughing:

I would highly recommended Flight Safety Academy. I’ve met a lot of there grads. And all have been great pilots.

I have no knowledge of the others. The advantage of a 141 school is that you’ll follow a syllabus. The disadvantage, you’ll follow a syllabus. In other words, you know in advance when you’ll be doing different skill sets, but if the school strictly follows the the syllabus there are going to be days that you seat around doing nothing b/c of WX. Also a 141 school will allow you to take a checkride with less total time, 35 hours vs. 40 hours. You may also be able to use different gov’t funds at approved 141 schools, GI Bills, Retraining benefits ect…


I agree. The school where I used to work was 141 certified, but it was up to the student to decide whether to enroll in 141 or not. We explained the differences, and let them decide. Enrolling in 141 is not for the casual student or working professional. It is perfect for the Air Force IFT students I trained and other students with the available time neccessary to spend on training.
Any serious flight school these days is part 141 cetified. (i.e. not “Cletus’s Flight School”) So don’t assume that if they’re 141 they must be good. Just a word of warning, as most enrolling in 141 training usually require prepayment. (which always makes me nervous)
Good luck.