Audi A6 @ Essex County Airport.

how you like that 8)

I don’t see the wings. Aren’t aircraft supposed to have wings?

Nice diggs!

Even better was nice to see you keep that right leg over the taxiway centerline :stuck_out_tongue:

If it wasn’t for the taxiway signage, I would have almost sworn you were at KMBO with the treeline on the other side of the runway!

Nice ride! You should blank out the plates in those pics or you’re going to find yourself getting lots of parking tickets from Union City and Camden! :open_mouth:

Nice ride!! 8)

Nice Audi. I’ve gotta stop flying and get a real job!

Ditto. The ashtray in my Accord is full so it must be time to trade-in!

You’ve got an Accord?!? Sweet!!!

Nice- Is that an A-6?

:laughing: Now THAT was funny!!! :laughing:

lol thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Ride. :smiley:

Damn…pimpin’ ain’t easy!

If you want to advertise, buy ads.

nice ride, what’s the cruising altitude? :laughing:

lol :laughing: 8)