No! The jet, not the car!!

BMWs don’t fly!

Sure they do…It’s just that their landings can be a little abrupt. :open_mouth:

Hi there, Mr. Notorious. :wink:

Yeah, abrupt. Sad story. 19 year olds doing 85 in a BMW on a runway smells of alcohol to me. If sober, one must have noticed there’s no wings. Prayers for their families anyway.

Good day to ya, Mam… :wink:

I suppose that I’ve been at it again living up to my new label huh… :laughing:

Maybe they ran out of fuel. Isn’t this Johnny’s airport?

Yes, that’s the home of the world’s best pilot. (Note: everything after the comma in the previous sentence is sarcasm.)

The gene pool is a little cleaner now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats what happens when you combine alcohol with testosterone in large quantities (18-19 boys). When I hear stories like this, my stomach gets tight as I think about sleepless nights (2 pre-teen boys now) in the future. I’ll try to teach my kids about right and wrong, but as you can see all it take is being in the wrong place at the wrong time (assumption on my part: drunk driver with daddys car). The driver essentially paid the price for being a fool, but the passengers were innocent victims of a fool.

As for the gene pool, who knows, maybe the next Bill Gates or Michael Jordan was in that car? My sympathies to all their families and friends.

There but for the grace of God go I (think about it)

Very sad…


I blame the parents.

So will the lawyers

No, they’ll blame the parents’ insurance company.

No, they’ll blame the parents, the insurance company will foot the bill (as they should).


Yes, I agree very very sad & welcome to FlightBeware & thank you for recognizing GOD in this situation & saying His name on this post in this forum - it is a beautiful thing to give HIM all the glory.

Not a bad assumption except that we all too often see an occurrence such as this where they were driving some vehicle far beyond their abilities that was a graduation present from proud parents!

I firmly believe that the states need to adopt some form of Graduated Drivers License to at least make an attempt to cut down on these type of accidents.


Don’t get too excited, I used it as an expression. I am not one to discuss my beliefs on an aviation message board. More so to say that I am thankful it was not me or mine that was involved in such a tragic waste of precious young life. Good day.


**No need to explain it to me - you said it & that was enough - what’s in a man/woman’s heart comes out his mouth - enough said… ** :smiley:

I couldn’t agree more, if fact I think we should take it a step further. Why not have a licensure similar to aviation. Where you need to have instruction (classroom as well as road…beyond the BS driver ed in HS) to qualify for your next rating. Along with alcohol and drug use counseling as it relates to driving. Maybe some volly work with the ambulance or FD, responding to traffic accidents.

Nothing is going to replace personal responsibility, but it has to be better than the system in place now. Its way harder to get a contractors license in Florida than a drivers license (at 16…too young). Does that make any sense at all?

I hope the property owners have deep pockets. The lawyers will argue that the runway environment was not properly secured.

I agree with JHEM… maybe kids need to solo with restrictions. Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to drive on highways for a year or in excess of 50mph. Maybe a restriction of 10 miles from home base. Just don’t goto a farm state where some of the drivers are still in booster seats.

PS Still waiting for CFIJames to weigh in on the runways driving topic. :unamused: