This makes no sense

So if these guys had been on floats and the lake was water they wouldn’t get a ticket?
it’s been so long since I’ve looked at the water way laws but a navigable waterway is a legal to land in, a public lake that allows boats is also legal to land in.


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I’m having a hell of a time posting it- just read the squawks- Pilots in hot water

OKAY I got it to work- I was just a retard. (pronounced ra-tard)

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OKAY I got it to work- I was just a retard. (pronounced ra-tard)

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If you watch the movie “the hangover” you’ll know what I’m talking about…

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It depends a lot on the state law. Most lakes are considered either state or city property, and they can regulate them as they see fit. In Iowa, There is a list of certain lakes that aircraft may use, but even then there are rules as to when and why aircraft may use them.

Come on guys. They landed in a city park. Not a real smart thing to do.

I wonder if the FAA said anything about the blue cessna not having a tail number? Canadian aircraft have tail identification don’t they (assuming they’re Canadian)?

Sorry - I couldn’t get the link to copy the pic in here: … re0112.jpg

Old aircraft don’t have to have the big numbers… I can’t remember the date of manufacturing for the cut off

I know that old aircraft didn’t have big numbers, but I figured they’d still have some sort of identification on the tail - I pulled the image off and blew it up and I still couldn’t find anything. Thanks though - if the FAA thought it was important enough to pay them a visit, I’m sure all of their paperwork was in order. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be on the road by now?

Edit: Nevermind - just saw your post in TBT. Good luck and be safe down there!

I just posted an update in the banter thread

Just yesterday I spoke with the local Feds about this and they said it was the talk of the office that day. They also said that one plane had a transponder and was talking to aproach at the time. According to my MSP Class B chart, the inner ring of the Class B ends right in the middle of Lake Calhoun where they landed. So I think they should be good with the FAA.

The problem is that Lake Calhoun is right in the middle of Minneapolis and the lake is one of their parks. You would think that there would be some kind of ordinance against operating aircraft in the city or parks and you would get a ticket or fine.

By the way both planes are Aeronca Champs (no Cessnas involved) and legal to use 3" registration markings on the tail. Yes I don’t see any on the blue Champ but they must be there, maybe the paper airbrushed them out.