Fighter jets force stolen airplane to land near Miami

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I guess I’ve always looked at the aviation community naively.

This guy must have been multi-rated, which means he’s invested a decent amount of time and money, and probably has a buisiness reason for a 421, and now he’s probably going to be charged with grand theft aero? or whatever may be the legal charge.

It’s too bad, I’ve always held us as a community on a higher level than this, Too bad there are scum bags like this guy to give us a bad name.

It’s called** air piracy** when they do a 10 year background check for pilots jobs you have to answer questions- one of them is have you been involved in air piracy?

I’m guessing that kid from Washington won’t be getting any (legitimate)pilot job anytime soon…

hey fly - did you find your wallet? (i hope)

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the wallet you left on Delta flight
2046 on December 29, 2009.

We have checked our lost and found property lists in Fort Lauderdale and
Atlanta. Unfortunately, your wallet has not been turned in to Delta. We
have sent a message to the Baggage Service Offices in Fort Lauderdale
and Atlanta, requesting they check for your wallet in their Lost and
Found Departments. Due to the volume of lost and found items turned in
to Delta, you will only be contacted if your wallet is located.

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He stole an airplane and you expect him to be truthful on a job application?

Frank Holbert

anyone have a report on total number of stolen aircraft in 2009?