Cessna Shoot Down Video.

I picked this up on Flyer Forum (UK).

timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 015628.ece

Frank Holbert

I read the story about that the other day frank - there wasn’t a video attached to the story I read though, so that’s the first time I’ve seen the footage. That is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Not so much the CIA’s fault, as they didn’t really go along with it, but someone should definitely be held responsible. That’s murder - plain and simple. That could be any GA pilot - actually, any pilot.

seen that…I posted it in the Banter thread yesterday. Absolutely horrible, that would be like your worst nightmare. Its obvious they (CIA) were apprehensive thru-out the ordeal. I dont understand why they (jets) didnt make more attempts to secure the situation, ie…couple of frontal passes. Instead they gave the cessna (Floatplane no less…ya thats a real threat :unamused: ) a couple of bow shots shortly before rippin into them. More than likely 20mm bursts. I think…and I’m only guessing as I’m not a drug/arms/scud runner…if the cessna wouldve been dirty, he wouldve ducked under the cieling to avoid detection. Very, very sad event.

From the beginning, the interdiction program was expected to be life-or-death for some cases, and yet they didn’t have procedures and rules of engagement to protect innocent and/or obedient pilots. They didn’t even have a requirement for Spanish fluency, while they worked with Peruvian AF pilots. It’s painful to hear the ambiguity in the conversation.

It’s appalling they allowed somebody run a hick organization like that with license to kill. Heads should roll, and some much higher than the CIA dudes in the plane.

While the story is tragic, still, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Collateral damage is part of any war, even the “war on drugs”.

These people were there doing good, but had to realize they were in a dangerous part of the world, where drug runners fly their Peruvian marching powder to distribute to the rest of the world. A certain amount of risk is involved when you do this. We tend to think of things in terms of our own freedoms and rights on US soil and in other parts of the world, those freedoms and rights don’t exist.

From the transcripts it looks more like the PAF guys were the bad guys here, not the CIA, but everybody loves to piss on the US of A…That is until they need us to give them money or send our troops, agents, etc to do their job and clean up their mess for them. They certainly should have had some Spanish speaking agents, but they were communicating with an English speaking liaison.

Very sad and unfortunate, and I’m sure more common than we know. Prayers and sympathies to the family of the deceased and the agents who have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

Well Said Deef:

As someone that spends a ton of time in the “Latin” culture, I can tell you they all have a shoot first and ask questions later.

Tucano T-27 shooting down drug dealers aircraft - YouTube)

Here is another video shoot down over Columbia.

Definitely. The military and police attitude in Latin and South America is based on years of dealing directly with the drug cartels. I’ve operated with lots of these groups, and I’m amazed that this stuff doesn’t happen everyday! It’s a very uncomfortable position to be in, constantly trying to reign in the super gung-ho guys.

That’s crazy too. That’s a whole different kind of flying that those smugglers are doing there - as opposed to the missionaries. And even though those are drug smugglers, I felt bad watching that video. That’d be a horrible way to go.

Dang, Flyboy you did not tell me that before I went to Honduras!

Haha- Ronnie You were on an IFR flight plan, and not flying at 100agl. The Shoot first and ask questions later attitude I refer to wasn’t meant in a literal sense. More of a machismo thing.

Just yanking your chain Flyboy!