Pilot charged after threatening Police with his DC-3 ???

You just can’t make this stuff up?, either over zealous Cops or one upset pilot or both!!!

Click Here A Georgia pilot was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly threatened to hit an officer’s car with his 1937 DC-3A.

That’s stupid, but kinda funny. :slight_smile:

I would have to say…that was puuuurrrrty stupid.

What a nutjob.

Well, at least he is still smiling…for now.

The cops should have surrounded the plane and called his bluff - let him try and take out a car with that antique and he’d never get off the ground. And he’s smiling because he a) has plenty of money to fight the charges or b) is crazy and doesn’t realize the amount of trouble he’s in. Being that he tried to negotiate getting a fuel truck (without hostages), I’m going with b - definitely crazy.

The original complaint sounded hokey.

You think it’s OK for someone to drive across a runway?

They went out to give this guy a rasher of shit and a ticket for apparently driving across their active runway.

If he’d simply knuckled his forehead and said he was sorry while at least looking contrite, he might have gotten away with a traffic ticket.

Now, he’ll be lucky to keep his driver’s license after the FAA yanks his ticket.

That is an uncontrolled GA airport, so yes, it is not illegal to cross the runway. Some airports that size, thats how you get to your hangar. My question is, what citation did the cop try to give him? He has no jurisdiction on the airfield, only the FAA does. Granted, the pilot did not act favorably.


This guy is a Delta pilot!

What the heck was he thinking?

What the hell are Code Enforcement officers? Rent-a-cops? …and no kidding…what was he thinking?

Sounds like a decent life…Pilot for a major, owns a DC3. Wow… :confused:

More info on the guy HERE

Nice looking DC-3

Around here, they enforce things like commercial buildings complying with signage laws, keeping your grass cut and neat, not letting junk cars pile up, fence regulations, antennas, etc, stuff like that. They do not have arrest powers but can issue a summons for violations.

6 Grand for three touch and goes and a familiarization course??? This guy is off his rocker!

Show me one airport where the only way to get to your hangar is to drive across the runway. That may be the way that some lazy people do it, but it isn’t going to be the only (or safe) way.


Can’t do it without, unless you have bolt cutters. Haven’t been there in a few years, but that was the only way to get to the hangars.

I haven’t been there, but looking at the airport on Google Earth, there seem to be paved access roads north and south of the runway.

The pilot will get off. The original bogus call and the harassment by the wanna-be cops (code enforcement) and the real cops will probably result in a law suit against them with pilot being victorious. The code enforcement dorks and cops should be charged with interfering with aircraft operations at the airport.

They might dismiss the original code violation, but not what happened next. Plus Delta may terminate him.

Worth it? Doubtful.

This is a ridiculous statement.

The pilot was out of line and should have responded to the code enforcement officers in a respectful way. When he did not, the real cops were called. That is where this pilot messed up. At this point the responding police officers had the right to be there regardless of the original code enforcement complaint and were then threatened by the pilot. BIG MISTAKE. His situation escalated negatively from that point on and he could not win this encounter. Based on the report, his apparent aggressive attitude and poor treatment of the officers is what caused this whole thing to go South. He will be the big loser in the end…