$672k Marijuana Flight Busted


I think his registration may be pending for a while longer:


flightaware.com/live/flight/N507 … 024Z//KMSN


Only 150 pounds of grass? Surely that’s just for personal use? :unamused:

Love how the sheriff speaks to the quality of the stuff, brings a mental image of the LEOs sitting around passing a righteous doobie and remarking on how good the shit is!



Or maybe the K-9 unit is trained to spot the chronic…one bark for marginal product…two barks and a backflip for the really good stuff!

So a couple questions about this story. The pilot filed to KMSN but diverted to KMRJ (uncontrolled airport). Did he somehow get a tip that the heat was on? Also, how does the FAA respond as far as a pilot’s license is concerned when they are busted transporting contraband? Is their license suspended or revoked? If so, for what period of time? I looked around but wasn’t successful in finding info.


I am almost 100% positive that his license is revoked and not to be given back at any time in his life. The least of his worries is that he did a “134.5” flight in that he was transporting this for money! :laughing:


If I’m correct… that wouldn’t count as he was selling drugs, and his method of transportation was via aircraft, and the fact that selling drugs doesn’t entail flying an aircraft, he could have used a car or boat instead, he wouldn’t get charged for that?


This almost sounds like the movie Knock Around Guys with Vin Diesel.


Licence is revoked.

Page 261 #2

rgl.faa.gov/regulatory_and_guida … 150_3B.pdf


Don’t you mean certificate :wink:


Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 4801#14801




:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


The journalist or the asshole?


I remember reading that old thread, quite hostile was he.