G36 crash 7/23/06


My morbid curiousity lead me to search NTSB for fatals in AZ over the last few years.

Came across this one: ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief2.asp?ev_ … 243&akey=1



Unbelieveable is my response too. I wonder what percentage of aviation accidents are just complete stupidity? 75%???


I think your being fair in saying 75%…

The most unbelievable part is the new $600k G36!!! If your going to be a dip@#%&, go buy a 30-something year old POS Piper product to screw into the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

What a waste of a great airplane (no offense to the drunk passengers).

React…QIPav8r…I’m out!


Too drunk to drive, but okay to fly! :unamused:


I’ve posted it before, but it’s worth a second (or third) mention:
ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_i … 8632&key=1


“Goin’ down” while she was goin’ down!



What if the two events were somehow related?

pilot and rear-seat passenger (who was a double amputee)

See the amazing video tonight only on KNXV Channel 15, Your Valley News Leader!

Wasn’t that a George Costanza line “You know there is a large amount of people in this world having sex with amputees!” from The Big Coat episode of Seinfeld?


It was not only the airplane that they exceeded the design limits of.


:open_mouth: NTSB went right after it too. :open_mouth:


Wow - does that leave much to the imagination or what but I thought that was the way all guys would like to go down (going down or hoovering as a helio would say)!!! 8)

I always thought it sounded intriguing myself but I could never get any takers - all my guy friends just laughed at me cause they thought I was kidding I guess or either they respected me to much to even go there. But I never wanted to die going down!!! I did hear many many stories at the counter at Million Air at PWA several years ago from many many pilots - I even have some mile high wings even though I never tried it. The pilot that gave me those wings is the pilot that went down with the OSU basketball or football (can’t remember which) team - Denver Mills - but he liked giving those wings out to women. I would suppose some earned them & some didn’t - I didn’t & I still have those wings - think I should sell them on eBay??? :unamused:

I would just “imagine” that the truth of the fact is that goes on more often than we realize or think. The last CFI I tried bragged about he & his girlfriend had a standing date every Friday night to go flying - my imagination ran away for sure… :blush:

I have a “good” imagination (or is it really bad???)!!! :question: :exclamation: :blush:



Hey cfijames - is that the purple people eater you got there!!! Don’t you just love word play & FLYING!!! Seems one compliments the other… :laughing:


Just a good ol’ country girl!


Yeah - once referred to as a “hay seed” from a mobster at an exclusive country club in Overland Park, KS or MO (which side is it on any way) - what would they know??? Or perhaps I should say why wouldn’t they know & talked my way out of that one & prayed all the way home!!!

I have had way too many close calls & protecting angels - was saved & baptized at 9 years of age & it has served my ignorance well. I am so thankful He has protected my adventurous self all these years & He still promises the last (years of my life) will be the best!!! Now how is that for a great promise to an exciting end!!!

Could be some “good” purple people eaters in there somewhere - hopefully only one till death do us part!!!



I happened upon this video
and so I looked up N8059G and found this NTSB report
and more specifically this part:

…The pilot reported that he did not check the fuel quantity before the flight, but instead did an estimation of the amount. The pilot’s medical certificate had expired and his flight review was past due. A police toxicologist indicated that the pilot had a blood alcohol level of 0.060%

Which reminded me of this thread.


When you work in an FBO for 2 years - you see/smell way to many drinking/drunk pilots. Some that should have been reported to the FAA & never let get off the ground but you don’t because of who they are (sad but true) - the ones that were really scary were the ones by themselves with no co-pilot & have seen a few corporate pilots in the same condition but they had co-pilots to fly the plane.

I was also told by a friend while sitting on a commercial flight that he watched them take off a pilot that was throwing up/vomiting - with assistance on both sides of him helping him walk & then they escorted the same pilot back on the plane/pit. Whether he was drunk or not would you have sat on plane & took that flight or would you have got off & took another flight. Of course he/they didn’t know if his sickness was due to alcohol or not - but the man/pilot was sick. I’m not sure what I would have done & am glad I have never been in that situation - that is knowingly been in that situation. :cry:


hiccup…uuugghh…hiccup…uuuhhburrrpp…uuhhiccup…wanna…hic…wanna go flyin…hic hon…hon…honey…I’ll…I’ll…d…d…driiive

ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief2.asp?ev_ … 274&akey=1


“The cause of death for the four passengers was attributed to a fracture of the cervical spine.”

Sounds like an old fashioned western neck tie party!