Padding Your Logbook?


This has got to be one of the most bizarre accident reports I’ve ever read. It is lengthy and confusing, particularly the personnel information, but I think you’ll find it interesting. I actually witnessed the accident, as I was working at the airport at the time. … 105&akey=1


If I was to fly an MU2 I surely wouldn’t pad my log book about that aircraft!!! I’d get all the training and experience I could!!!


I have never read an NTSB as horrific as this one. Sending the link to my friend who is ERAU Alum and former accident investigator for his translation and review too. He probably has seen it…

The saddest thing…this guy took three innocent souls with him, total blatant disregard for air safety, in my humble forever-student-pilot opinion.


I took a class in college on Aviation Safety given by a member of the NTSB…VERY interesting.

The way I (again I’m sure there will be someone to correct me) see it, this guy had time in the MU-2 BUT he had been away from the aircraft for a long period and should have gone some time with an instructor in that aircraft to refresh his skill. I don’t believe there was any padding of his log book. I think the hotdog turn between the aircraft rows was uncalled for, and setting the flaps incorrectly was a result of being rusty on the MU-2. Sound right?

By the way the leading cause to aircraft accidents: Controlled flight into terrain.


Maybe not of the log book, but the 8710’s and the medical certificate paper work show’s a gross misrepresentation of time. If the logbooks had not been found this is the information that the FAA/NTSB would have used to recreate flight time.

Misrepresenting your self on those forms is to purger yourself at a federal level. To me that speaks of a persons integrity. And IMHO integrity ties in directly to decision making and that ties in directly to flying ability.

Not to mention using a false name and SSN. If he had lived the law suits would have been interesting, as it his I bet his estate to feeling that pain.


VERY good points…all of which I missed. I read through it and got cross eye by the end…at the end of the day they all dead.


Aviation is pretty safe. Take idiots like this out of the equation and it’s very safe. This guy had no respect for aviation much less flying safely.


I remember my CFi just pounding air safety into my head over and over again. What is that saying? "Aviation, to an even greater degree than the sea, is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect. This guy was guilty on all three counts, and paid with his life.