NTSB Reports..How long?

On April 18th at ktzr a prescott pusher was coming in to high for landing, When he went to go around his exhaust pipe fell off allowing hot exhaust to enter the engine area causing wires and hoses to melt and his engine failed on downwind. When making his dead stick landing the nose gear colasped and he ran off the runway. Fsdo along with others came and did a report. His plane was kept in a secured hanger for a couple days while it was investigated more. To this day i still do not see a preliminary report on ntsb.gov. Am i missing something or can they be that slow with the preliminary report?

It’s only been two months as of today. Give them time. There’s a good possibility they have other aircraft accidents to report on.

For a preliminary report? Seems kind of long. I dont ever recall a preliminary report taking that long.

Perhaps the accident didn’t meet the criteria for the NTSB to call it an accident and actually do a full investigation. I think (and I could be wrong) there has to be “substantial damage” or “serious injury” to be considered an accident.

If the nosewheel collapsing and the aircraft exiting the runway didn’t exceed the $25,000 damage threshold, it might only be considered an incident.

Yeah, there’s usually a preliminary report after a few days. If there isn’t one by now, I doubt that there will be.

Hummm? I thought all engine failures were at least considered an incident. It involves the safety of the flight. If this happened away from the airport at the very least it would have been an off airport landing. CFR 49-830.2

I agree that it was an incident, but it appears that only Part 121 and 135 incidents are reported on the NTSB website, not Part 91 flights.

Ah. that could be the reason.

Part 91 and Part 137 and Public accidents/incidents are reported in the database.

What was the registration of the aircraft?

The tail number was N200sx

could you smell the exhaust fumes?and how hard was the dead stick landing?

I was not the pilot. I saw it happen. What got me though was the exhaust pipe had broke before and fiberglass was used to hold it back together, No welds, Just fiberglass and 2 pipe clamps