Your Flying "Story"

Somebody might have already done something like this, but I’m not sure. Just talk about some “emergency situations” you might have been in. Or a near collision with another aircraft. Anything like that; of course I don’t have any stories like that, but I can tell some of my grandfathers.

Okay. I remember this vividly, even though it happened about 9 years ago.

I was on the LAS-LAX run, going to visit some friends for dinner at the Proud Bird. $19 each way, so it was a steal. Anyway, nice smooth ride: ROK316, IDALE1.HEC.CIVET.CIVET4, FL310. Had my scanner with me, and listening to what traffic I could pick up (yes, I know it was a bad thing, but I did it; nothing can change that now). We’re on final for 25L (ROK used T6, IIRC), when I hear the dreaded “Redrock 316, go around.” Pilot and FO spool up the engines, and up we go. Turned out that the traffic we were following couldn’t make the taxiway they were asked to make for having minimal time on the runway.

So around the Palos Verdes Peninsula we go, get a tour of Torrance and the Beach cities (Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo, Seal, Long), point out KTOA, KLGB, and turn up north by SLI for the left base to final again, this time behind a Brasilia. They couldn’t keep their speed up, and we were already back to minimal approach speed. The Brasilia landed, but in the process we lost separation. So once again I hear “Redrock 316, go around”. Pilot/FO spool 'em up again, and back up we go. Everyone in the plane is close to constipation for what is going on, and I’m thinking I’m on a rollercoaster at Six Flags.

So we get the tour of PV and the Beaches again, come back up through SLI, and this time we’re #1 with another heavy jet 5nm in trail of us. We get clearance to land from the Tower. All goes well this time. Until an AAR B744F crosses the active runway without clearance. Pilots point this out to the Tower, Tower drops a deuce in the cab, and tells us “Redrock 316, go around”. Spool 'em up again, and back up we go. I’m enjoying listening to tower rip the AAR pilot a new one, but realize that the pilot of the B752 I’m on just declared minimum fuel.

Either way, back around the PV and the Beaches we go, back up through SLI join the final, and safely land behind our company, who was next flight out from LAS on that same run.


Call sign “Redrock” was National (version 2)?

How about this-

There I was flying, fat dumb and happy at FL410, when all of a sudden the emergency pressurization system kicks in, and I had to shoot in ILS into KRDU with the winds gusting and low ceilings.

That’s my flying story and I’m typing this from KRDU as I wait for a part to be flown to me

This just happened?? Man, that blows. Stay safe.

Don’tcha love that HOT bleed smell?..

Did you have a patient on-board?

Dude…who are you?


No Patient just 3 med crew. Man it gets hot!!! like hot hot hot hot hot! :open_mouth:
it was a relay that went bad and opened the MOD valve circuit breaker.

We’re you able to modulate the heat with power lever adjustment?

yeah on the decent but flying a full ILS when the gear and flaps went out it was an oven again.

its pissing rain here and cold (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) I miss south Florida

That’s right. They went with that callsign because of Redrock Canyon and its proximity to Las Vegas.


It’s going to be worse tomorrow. Stay safe!

I guess I can tell a quick one that my grandpa told me… I don’t know details about this, but I will tell all I can remember: My grandpa was captain on a DC-9 for Texas International. I think that day he was training a guy, and they were in the IAH area, and they were gonna do an emergency descent for training reasons, and they extended the speed brakes and started down; when they put the brakes down, they either did not go down all the way or one stuck, I can’t remember. But anyway they did the approach to IAH and landed the DC-9 at full power… :open_mouth:

In 1977 I was flying a 300/Six at 11,500 with 4 pax. The engine quit and I made it to Ardmore OK landing on the paved runway. It did give some warning signs for a couple of minutes before it quit. A lot of fire and smoke.

Few can claim they totaled and aircraft in flight and lived to tell about it.

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Hopefully you won’t have a next time, but if you do shut off one the the bleeds and it won’t cook you as bad.

If the CB was out on say the Left -that ones stuck in emer w/ LP air coming in. Shut off the right bleed once your lower (like 15k). the LP air from the left should give you plenty for ant ice and cabin.

thanks- cause that is not how I got it home (caugh caugh) 8)

But you’re right had we just turned off the right side (after we descended to a point the other engiene could bear the load) we wouldn’t of had the heat. But hey you live and you learn Simuflite and SimCom never taught that.

I have pictures to prove that I did

How did you total the aircraft in flight?

Fire damage.