Caught doing doughnuts on the runway



I thought you might all enjoy this.

Now the sad part, it’s my brother in-law. Really.

What it doesn’t say is that car was stolen too. I’m not sure how the police missed it at the time.

BTW we haven’t talked to that part of the family in 6 years, when I kicked him out of my house for growing pot in my den…


We were lauging about that at tzr a few days ago. Seems some of the line guys have done some testing in the past also…lol


.357 BAC :open_mouth: I thought that could almost be lethal


I had a friend in HS that could drink himself that high and still be speaking. Some people have a very high tolerance. They’re called alcoholics.


:laughing: Federal Agent!!! HAHAHAHA, that’s hilarious!
It does seem to me though, there’d be so many better things to do in Beaver County!


If I had a BAC of .357 I’d be doing doughnuts in the middle of the runway too… probably in a tug tho :laughing: