North Idaho 182 stolen

I wonder if anyone knows where that kid from Washington is right now?

I saw that yesterday and wondered the same thing.

I saw another news report of attempted plane thefts and a couple car thefts north of the border. Suspected to be drug runners.

Amazing what people do for drugs. Sad… :unamused:

Well it seemed like a funny thread, considering the kid already stole two planes - so guess where they found the plane.

Stolen from Idaho, the aircraft was found crash landed in a field East of Seattle!!!, and police are convinced it is the kid who stole it.

'The plane had about four hours of fuel when it was stolen on Tuesday, McClelland said. It may have arrived in Snohomish County between Tuesday and Thursday.

“From what I was told the nose wheel was broken off and (there was) quiet a bit of structural damage, but the guy was able to run away,” McClelland said.’

News update

Guy for sure has way more balls than brains, and you gotta think his luck is gonna run out soon. I’m thinking he’ll run into some IMC and go down in a death spiral. Not wishing any bad luck on him, but his has been lucky so far.

Here’s another in depth story

It’s pretty much mountains for 200 miles from Bonners Ferry to Granite Falls Guy is nuts.

CNN is reporting this morning that it is the same kid that’s responsible for the other thefts. Now he has a fan club?? Hopefully one more accident and he’ll spare all of us taxpayers from having to foot the bill for his trial. … index.html

some more info

Fox News interview with Momma

What if will744 is the “barefoot bandit”? Haha - no, in all honesty, I just watched that video on fox news and with a mom like that, it’s no wonder he acts the way he does. If I stole anything - and I do mean ANYTHING growing up, my mom would have blistered my ass. I can only imagine 50+ burglaries and (at least) 3 planes - she’d find me, no matter where I was hanging out…

Maybe he is a FA junkie, hey Bandit, give yourself up, you can’t win.

Heh heh… the anchor calls the guy “a modern day Bonnie without the Clyde”. :slight_smile:

Suicide by cop would be a good option!

Or maybe he’ll try and steal a jet next time. I would imagine that would turn out a little differently than his last escapades. I can see him in the air on the radio crying to ATC trying to figure out what to do (oh wait, that’d be me too!)

Or, dare we hope, a rotary wing aircraft!

- YouTube)

W O W ! What … a … ride! Whew yeah! …now pass me a barf bag!

Someone under one of the articles commented:

I feel bad for the people who were robbed, but not for the people whose planes were stolen, because private planes are not necessary, cause a lot of pollution, and put everyone below in danger. Live on an island, get a boat, isn’t that why you moved there? Watching law enforcement look like idiots is always fun, that’s for sure.

Can we legally shoot people like him?

Only if they can be resurrected after being shot in order to shot them again.

That quote is stupid and shows the poster (not Nano404 but the poster of what he quoted) is very ignorant and jealous. Of course he/she/it would say get a row boat because any powered boat would cause pollution. Yea, right.

Rather assinine! sounds like something would say from my town, the polute the skies!!! u could crash into me house!! if people were meant to fly they would have been born with wings!!


Flightaware Thread a stolen C182 last November in Washington?