Barefoot Bandit on 48 Hrs.tonight 11/13


FYI>>>>>48 Hrs.will do a story on Colton Harris-Moore airing @ 10pm et and 10pm pt.This should be interesting…


I watched a little bit of it. . .


Too bad so much energy and talent went towards a negative direction.


It was an excellent 48 hours and very well done.

It was well researched, and it included the reporter following the actual chase over two years.

Unfortunately the American Penal system will do nothing positive for the kid, other than he now knows where his next meal is coming from and where he is sleeping tonight - which for him, is probably a good thing.

I’ve no doubt with proper direction, a place to live, clothes - the kid would by a great kid - and I admire his love of animals.

As a kid he drew lots of airplane pictures - and lots of biz jets!! I’m sure he’d have loved to take one for a spin.

On his one flight over the Cascade mountains at 13,000’ he ended flying on instruments - it was very windy - and they said he threw up all over the plane - and stated he was sure he was going to die. He ended up turning around over Canadian soil and headed South.

He has a very powerful attorney, so I wish the kid the best.

I might even hook him up with ‘Flying magazine’. :slight_smile: Seriously!!!


It wasn’t all positive, his family life was horrible, there was zero direction for him as a child or youngster.

Wherever he picked up a gun - that would have ended badly sooner or later.

Of the 5 airplanes he stole - three had the keys in them, another the keys where found close by. The fifth he jammed a screwdriver in to start it!

The Cessna Corvalis he stole - the keys were on the dash!!

The Corvalis was the most expensive item taken, and had the most damage, yet the owners were the most lenient in their words for Colton, and actually stated he’d look him up in Prison, and would help him when he gets out.

Finally, friends said his Mom, an alcoholic - named him Colton, after Colt 45 beer!! Unconfirmed fact - but it aired on the show by family friend.

PS; in the first part of the show, they interview some locals where Colton grew up, and the break and enter victims were angry. They held a town meeting where a typical redneck white guy!!, from the backwoods (my opinion) while speaking said most of the locals wanted him dead - most of the locals the crowd booed him when he said that!!

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I have never been described as a redneck that I know of but when it comes to criminals, I say screw them and dead is fine with me. Some honest hard working people were victimized by this lad. I say throw away the key. There are endless stories of people who have problems worse than “your new friend” and they don’t resort to this sort of behavior. I am glad you are tolerant of such behavior and want to help him. Put a sign on your lawn saying as much and I will do the same on mine. For me, I will help those in need that do not resort to criminal activity.


Click Here that’s okay, Bill Maher has you pegged!!!

Don’t usually respond to trolls, but rare to find a person with 3 posts trolling so soon.


What makes his post troll-like? He posts a differing opinion than yours and you label him a troll??? :unamused:


His opinion is I personally am calling him a redneck.

Thus a response from me.

Had he viewed the 48 Hour episode, he would have understood my reference to ‘Redneck’ was based on the person speaking, not on what he said.

The poster choose to take something personally, but out of context - by defending his anti-crime stance and referring too me personally, not to the show he didn’t view himself.

For me, an opinion about the show fine, referring to me, trolling.

There is a PM button, and a banter thread should anyone wish to take things personally.


BizJets101, I agree with your 110%. There can be no doubt that Harris-Moore came from a very bad family situation yet that he is also a very adept and intelligent young man. I don’t condone, or even excuse, his crimes but fact of the matter is, he unlike many criminals, certainly had the acumen to have really become a greatly useful member of society had the cards fallen for him differently in life. I so wish he’d had a good AFJROTC program in high school as I did myself, maybe that would have made the difference. Something to channel that intellect and longing for adventure towards goals that would benefit us all instead of landing him in jail. I wish him the very best and believe he is truly sorry for his actions and would take a different path were he able to do it all over again. I only wish he was a couple years younger so he’d interface with the juvy justice system now instead of the real deal.



He plead Not Guilty in court on Thursday, and they set January 18th for trial. is what happens when you have a high powered attorney!!!


I’m glad he’s got that lawyer. He needs someone like that. The ideal to me is Colton doesn’t serve a day in prison and via his book and movie deals he pays restitution for the things he’s stolen, the aircraft he’s destroyed. Let him know he’s making serious cash but won’t see a dime of it until he’s repaid the damage he’s done. And get him help, whatever help he needs to get right . . . nineteen is not too old to become a changed man, especially for someone like this.


Colton was already on the run when this began, he had walked away from a half way house while serving I believe a four year sentence.

There is no question he is going to be sentenced to Federal Time - the only question is how much time?

One plus, is the lawyer has threatened to drag this case and bankrupt the local county unless they cut a deal - in the long run it will be more advantageous for everyone involved to cut a deal.

As for books/movies/income - there is a very real possibility the DA will attempt to block the family from earning money from the crime spree. Not saying they’ll be successful, but most likely they’ll try.

In the end it’ll all come down to a behind the doors plea deal.


Quite a read - Colton’s own account: