Whoa.. little bit lost?

Does this guy have gps or any nav tools at all?
flightaware.com/live/flight/N178 … /KOMN/KTIX

Hmm. Could be sight seeing, but still. A little eratic don’tcha think?

It’s a Schweizer from a local flight academy, probably out joy-riding.

We’ve got a heli school that flies them out of my home airport and they’re renowned locally for not following any particular flight path.


According to his “route” he’s using two intersections, quite possible that this lession included work with intersections.

That reminds me about the time i was in the navy stationed in Norfolk Virginia and me and a buddy were going to take a road trip to kentucky to a halloween party, we left and i was to drive the first 4 or so hours, and he would sleep and he would drive the last stretch… i didnt drive 5 miles and he was sound asleep, and 3 hours later i was in washington DC, i pulled over to get directions and he woke up asking who the F*** would build a washington momument in the middle of kentucky… i tried to explane how i drove for 3 hours in the wrong direction, it was landing on deaf ears, he was so pissed he coundt drive, he just went back to sleep, and 4 more hours later woke up and we both laughed about it. but when we got back to our submarine, i never heard the end of it.
The party was a bust for me, as i was not 21 so i didnt get to go drinking, i just sat in the bus listening to the radio. THey had a partridge family party bus, with stereo and couches and refrigerator which was cool., but i was the only one who was sober after the party so i got to drive the bus back home, and several of the people were friends of the silver bullet band, and had 30 minute versions of allof bob segars songs, on an old reel to reel tape deck. After every one got drunk and passed out, i got to party with a few unsatisfied girls, so it was a good prty after all. sorry bout the spelling, i hate a lap top.