Let the speculation begin....

Well, just because I know most on here like to do it, who would like to speculate on this flight path, especially by K39:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N84H … Z/KRVS/K39

I’ll find out tonight when I talk to my father in-law, but it is always fun to hear what you guys (and couple of ladies) think…

He forgot something and went back to look for it? 8)

Ask your wife! She’ll probably know.

Just got an alert that he is heading back to RVS. He is going to be cranky if it was for business…

That’s an easy one Pik.

He forgot his chocks! :laughing:

Or CHALKS. He likes to draw pictures on the tarmac.

Nothing like flying for 3.5 hours and not going anywhere.

“I don’t think I turned the iron off.”

Hates dead dinosaurs?

“Honey… Where are the kids?” :confused:

guy in right seat kept daring the pilot to fly under the arch when they reached STL, about 40 miles out, the pilot wussed out and headed home.

He was testing a new insturment. (My guess) There was a man here a while back that was testing a new radar altimeter and nav insturments in his Citation under VFR and it was tracked. He flew through 10,000 feet and to about 100nm out before returning.