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Coolest airport you've been to (with pics)

Though I start a thread on intersting airports. So post on up with a pic/description of your personal favorite…

Guess I’ll start it off:

Andover-Aeroflex, Andover, NJ (12N)
Lake at each end of runway 03/21, length 1981 ft.

You local Rytomi? What took you to 12N?

This one is only 200 feet longer with cold salt water on both ends.

I used to live about a mile up the road from the airport. I also did some tailwheel training there over the summer when I visited my family.

Going back up in a week after I graduate college for a few weeks of R&R.

Are you from the area?

Hey you did that video, so I assume up in the NW somewhere

I didn’t know parts of NJ looked like that :wink:

Been living at the other end of the state for the past 30 years (N14) but I know the Lake Hopatcong area quite well and eldest daughter lives in Randolph.

Congrats on the graduation. Andover apparently is the place to go for taildragger experience in the state. Can’t remember the guy’s name that’s instructing up there, I’m sure my son knows him.

No, that’s the way the whole state actually looks once you’re away from the Potemkin corridors we’ve built along the Turnpike to fool the tourists. :wink:

Here’s our little place on White Birch Lake in the Pinelands:

Is that at Blakely Island in the San Juans? I use to fly there when I worked for San Juan Airlines.
That dude had Balls taking off from there, not to mention not that much gas…


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Niiiice! N7405 I looped while holding in VFR waiting for KCLM. It has a tendency to stall at the top of the loop.

The owner of that company is not on my Christmas card list

Something tells me you don’t get Christmas cards from San Juan Airlines either.

Long story but it has nothing to do with Looping the airplane.

Poplar Grove (C77) is an airport community…I never saw an airport community until I flew to this one during my PPL training.

Several airports in SoCal are amazing! Per square mile no one has better airports! The following are within 60 minutes.

Catalina Island, Airport in the sky:

Kern Valley:

Big Bear:



Santa Paula:


Within 60 minutes in what plane…60 minutes in a Lear and 60 minutes in a C150 is quite the difference.

60min in a Piston.

The name of the web site is 160knots.com … Any questions?

Frank Holbert

Yes, how far is a knot? :laughing:

Google it :smiley:

For you it’s 185mph.

Frank Holbert

Thanks Frank, that helps me with a lot of calculations.