Cool aircraft at your airport


Show some pictures of some of the cool aircraft you have seen at your home airport.

I have seen these at KBTV which doesn’t get surprises everyday.

I saw this when walking home the other day. What I don’t understand is when I saw it the wheels were going up like it just took off but it was at the beginning of the runway so it looked like a go around but I never saw it come back and there was no track of it on FA it was as if it never came.

Saw this being held on a turnoff on my way to school Thursday morning. I think there was delays at Philly so I caught a good break and saw it.

Saw this about 15 years ago.

Saw 4 of these when they had to land to refuel and stay for the night before heading back home. I watched them the next day depart.

And every now and then we get one of these dropping in unexpectedly.


I have exactly 220.1 hours in this airplane: 2000 C172SP

I have exactly 1.5 hours in this airplane, never flew it before, guy wanted me to fly it over to PNE to have a prospective buyer look at it…in about 30 knot gust winds. Nice. Piper Tri-Pacer

I have about 10 hours in this one… Nanchang CJ-6
and about 1 hour in this one. same
and here’s a video of those two in formation.

Click on the name of the airport to see all of the interesting airplanes from my home airport that has. There are only 46.C152


My office used to be located on airport grounds, so I’ve seen every manner of military plane, AF1 about 3 times, saw John Kerry’s DC-9/MD-80 when he was making a campaign stop…saw an Antonov as well.
Only thing I missed was when the Concorde made an appearance…but I saw that one a couple months ago parked on the barge in NYC when we cruised by in a boat.


Great topic idea, I’ll try to find some others.

I was looking for some pictures I had posted and found this picture I had never seen before. There’s an easter egg in there for a member of this forum :slight_smile:


I forgot I also saw this ugly ass thing takeoff as I was driving by it was a nice surprise though.


This sums up my home airport:

Most common sites:

Boeing test flights, these ones actually have paint… which usually mean a lot of problems:

Some local birds in the databases:


This one is a little out of focus (had to enlarge it a lot) - taken from outside my house is this laser shooting B747 inbound to McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS


Yup, bigtime delays in KPHL on Thursday for no apparent reason. I was supposed to be on a Southwest flight that was scheduled to depart KPHL for KOAK at 2:35. We didn’t get wheels up until 4:40. ATC had a traffic management program in effect for KPHL for a good chunk of the day which was delaying inbound flights for the better part of 2 hours. The Southwest crew was none too happy with ATC over it… this unfortunately is a major problem at KPHL all the time.

On the bright side, I got to see a lot of departing aircraft while I was waiting in the terminal. More than a few US Air jets with the new livery, a bunch of brand-new Southwest 737-700s, etc.


I took that picture. From feedback I received from viewers at, commutair was practicing with the Dash8s. You may not have seen it on tracking because it was flying using its registration rather than a flight number.


…And it’s been that way for at least 20 years that I know of, and probably longer.


P-38 “Glacier Girl” (N17630) was based at 1A6 (Middlesboro, KY) until recently sold to Lewis Aeronautical of San Antonio, TX. Glacier Girl is a magnificent restoration and it was always special to see it in the air over and around 1A6. This warbird was a real treat to be based at a small GA field here in southeastern Kentucky. It is sad to see her have to move on.

Here are links to a couple of images of this P-38 taking off and ready to taxi (as soon as the left nacelle cover is replaced) for “first flight” in October 2002 at 1A6 …

Linkie 1

Linkie 2

If she makes it around your area, consider taking a close-up look.