"Update Email" warning banner


I keep getting an irritating red banner telling me that there’s a problem with my email address, and that I need to update it. I have done, and I’ve even rebooted, but it still pops up when I log on to FA.

Any ideas on getting rid of it?


Apparently nobody monitors these questions.


It means that for some reason your flightaware emails are getting bounced back. Some reasons may be

  1. Your inbox is full.
  2. Perhaps rejected by your spam filter.
  3. You email is incorrect.
  4. The same problem I had a while back. When Yahoo!Mail updated their software, it reverted to forwarding to a college email address I had over 10 years ago, an address that no longer exists. Therefore all emails were being returned as undeliverable.

I’d check your email is correct on here first, then start looking at your email to figure out why Flightaware emails are being returned.


It could also be that it is bouncing back if you are using an auto reply at any time. FA gets a bellyache as they have no way to handle a reply


I wasn’t clear that the banner is at the top of the FA page, not on my emails. It tells me to update my email info, which I have done several times. Still get the irritating red banner, until I click the X and make it go away. Until I change pages, enter an airport code, etc. Then it comes back each time.


Yes I realize the banner is on the FA website. But it is there to tell you there is a problem with flightaware not being able to deliver emails to you. That is why the website puts the banner up, it has an error linked to the email on your flightaware account.


Thank you. Our son, who is a computer genius, will be visiting next week. I’ll have him look at it.


post140752.html states

It seems that your email provider was mistaking our messages to you as spam and then blocking them from being delivered. I was able to correct this issue on our end, but if it occurs again in the future you may need to contact your email provider directly. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Also see: general/your-e-mail-address-xxxx-comcast-net-has-a-problem-bann-t13849.html


Thank you. Love your site.


We have a program that detects when we receive a bounced email from an email provider. Unfortunately, there are a few email providers that mark our emails as spam and bounce them before they are received by our users. This makes our system believe that we have an invalid email address for you because we are not able to complete the process of sending an email to your account, which triggers the banner. We are in the process of updating the wording and how the system handles bounced emails from these mail clients. In the mean time, I have, what we call, cleared the bounce so that the banner will not appear on your browser.

I apologize for the inconvenience, please let me know how I can be of further assistance in the future.


Thank you again!

I’ve got a computer geek (my wife’s son) coming for Thanksgiving, and he’ll go over all the settings, etc.

I appreciate what you’re doing on your end.


Can you clear the banner for my account also?