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Trouble with email Message

I’ve begun to get a notification at the top of the page that indicates “trouble with email address”. When I enter the profile, then save, I get the message that the profile was updated. No sooner do I go back to the flight track page, I get the same annoyance of the “tro8uble” banner. What’s up??

We have a program that detects when we receive a bounced email from an email provider. Unfortunately, there are a few email providers that mark our emails as spam and bounce them before they are received by our users. This makes our system believe that we have an invalid email address for you because we are not able to complete the process of sending an email to your account, which triggers the banner. We are in the process of updating the wording and how the system handles bounced emails from these mail clients. In the mean time, I have, what we call, cleared the bounce so that the banner will not appear on your browser.

I apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank you for using FlightAware. Please let me know how I can be of further assistance in the future.

I have the same issue but I am able to receive some emails from FlightAware such as the password change request email. Is there any way to see the full text of the bounce reply? That would help me to configure the mail server (for example, whitelist flightaware). Thanks

Check your email.

I also have the Email red banner and haven’t been receiving my emails from Flight Aware.

Check your private message inbox.

Same. Would really like some help with this.


I am receiving this same error message. What do I need to do?

I am also having the same issue.
Any chance of seeing the bounce message?

Your email addresses have all been un-bounced. Everything should be in order for you now. Please let us know if the problem ever occurs again.

I am also having this problem. Seems kind of silly that we have to go hunt this down in your message section. maybe you could make this public instead of making your users put up with this!!! I am also having problems with Window 8 pushes (is that a word?)

I am getting the notices again about my e-mail address having a problem.

Your email address has been un-bounced again. You should have full access to the site and your account again now.

Same message here. Thanks

Your email address has been un-bounced from our system.