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Problem with new version of FlightAware screen and email


thank you for providing a great and very useful tool.

I keep having a problem when I log in and use FA to track flights or a specific tail number. A red banner appears at the top pf the screen which says that there is a problem with your email and gives a link to go to your profile page and fix it.

I have tried many times (even with the old version of FA) and cannot find any issues.

The problem is that if I dismiss this banner it comes right back again after the next refresh. It appears right over the area where you type in the flight number of tail number, etc. So you basically have to dismiss it each time.

Any way to resolve this?

thanks much



We have a program that detects when we receive a bounced email from an email provider. Unfortunately, there are a few email providers that mark our emails as spam and bounce them before they are received by our users. This makes our system believe that we have an invalid email address for you because we are not able to complete the process of sending an email to your account, which triggers the banner.

We are in the process of updating the wording and how the system handles bounced emails from these mail clients. In the mean time we have cleared the bounce so that the banner will not appear on your browser when you are logged in as mahlenius.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Can you fix mine too!

I cleared it for you.

Thank you, that seems to also fix the photo vote problem you looked into last year. :wink:

It’s back, any way to permanently clear it?

I’m going to email you directly.

Tried to email you directly and I got an error message. Is your email valid?

No, I haven’t had an email address since last summer.

You will continue to get a red banner until you put a valid email address under your account.