"something wrong with email" problem

I’ve been receiving the “something is wrong with your email” message for some time. Is there any way you could fix this? Also, I’m wondering if there is a way to prevent the ads that appear at the side of the screen. Your iOS version lets me opt out of the ads for a small fee, but I can’t find anything like this for the PC version.


Richard Bailey

I have cleared this issue up for you.

Hi Richard,

Sorry I missed the 2nd part of your post. If you would like to browse the site ad free, that feature is available through our Enterprise Account. You can find more information on the account types at the following link.


I receive this same message as well. Appreciate any help here.

I have cleared up your issue as well you should no longer see the red bar.

Excellent, thanks a lot. I enjoy the site!

I am getting the same message about my e-mail address and I am not receiving any of my alerts. Can you please look at my account as well?


You should be all set.

This happens repeatedly even when I change the email address I want the weekly to go to.
Please help.

After updating your email address your email server is rejecting messages from us:

552 This message has been rejected due to content judged to be spam by the internet community IB212

You should contact your email provider about why they’re rejecting our mail, or use a different email provider for your FlightAware account. More information about this error from your email provider is available here.

Same “problem with email issue”

We have updated how this is handled. There should be a link in the red box that you can click to verify your email is correct and receive an email from FlightAware to verify your email account is able to receive emails from FlightAware.