"Your e-mail address (XXXX@comcast.net) has a problem." bann


Just started getting this on the FlightAware home page as a banner…

“Your e-mail address (XXXX@comcast.net) has a problem.”

My email address seems to be working fine with no problem.

By chance did you hardcode “.com” and rejected “.net” addresses…?


ERROR Your email address (xx@xxxxx.net) has a problem.
"Update Email" warning banner

This means mail we sent to you was rejected by your mail server. Either the address is invalid, they’re failing to accept mail, or they’re considering us to be spam.

It’s not based on the top level domain at all.


There must have been a change somewhere, since I received notification of the forum entry…

I’ll go look at the spam filter…I see that there was someone else who got teh same notification.



Could it be a problem with FlightAware’s server interacting with Comcast’s servers?

When I send an email from Gmail to my Comcast account, the email goes through with no problems. I haven’t seen anything in my spam folder from FlgihtAware.


Hey I have the same problem! Just yesterday I got an email to my comcast.net address from flightaware perfectly fine telling me one of my photos was picked as a staff favorite. However, every time Flight Alerts tries to send me an email about one of my tracked flights I get the same problem as you are having. I’ve checked my spam folder/settings… no sign of any emails.

Please help!


This appears to a problem that only affects Comcast users. Comcast has been mistakenly flagging FlightAware emails as spam for months and sometimes bounces them as undeliverable, which we then receive and mark the email address invalid.

We have been attempting to contact Comcast for months to resolve this issue but they have not responded.


I’m getting the banner too and I run my own mail server. No problems here; maybe it would help for your page to show what the error was, and when?


I’m on Comcast also and have the annoying banner at the top also!


Also: I’m getting email from Flightaware about this thread, yet the banner persists.


I uses the XXXXXXX.XX@ms*.hinet.net get the same problem,just one hour ago.

It looks like the problem or a bug is not for the specific mail servers.

please check what`s wrong with this site.


I had an email I sent to a friend that uses comcast get bounced as undeliverable by the yahoo email server. It had nothing to do with FA.


Well the system was working for 3 or 4 days. I have my alerts now sent to my iPhone and email. All weekend long and the past few days both were getting alerts. Today, only the iPhone got them and for the first time in a few days I logged on to Flight Aware and got the big banner on the top that states my email address has a problem. Yes. I’m on Comcast. Don’t know how this helps you but just reporting in the Comcast bug is again doing its work…


It’s happening again. I got the banner this morning.


It looks like you’re not a comcast user and email really is bouncing from your personal domain. Is the correct TLD for your personal domain the .net or .com?


I get hundreds of pieces of mail to that address each day. Unless the system is sending mail with a known virus attached, I couldn’t tell you why it’s bouncing. I do not see anything in my logs suggesting flightaware attempted to send me mail.

As a test, I logged out and at the log in screen clicked “I forgot my password” and the system was able to send me a new password.

Only slightly annoying, but I would like to get my alerts going again …


Here’s what I did to fix it:

  • Change my address to something else
  • Change it back

No trouble getting the acknowlegements to that address, and my alerts started working again.



… and it’s happening again. But: I figured out what’s wrong, and it’s a problem with Flightaware’s email sending. Who can I talk to about this off-forum?


What’s the problem?


One or more of your mail servers isn’t implementing SMTP correctly. Some do, but some don’t. That explains why some of your messages get through to me, and some don’t; but it doesn’t explain why you send mail differently from different parts of the site. Here’s an article that explains it pretty well:


Short answer: you have an SMTP sender that looks/acts like a spammer. Besides being out of conformance, it’s probably responsible for plenty of other problems. This is the first time I’ve seen a non-spammer using this technique (“slamming”) but even if it saves you some CPU cycles, it’s probably not a great idea.


Looks like victor.hou [] works fine; cfood.hou [] has the problem. Other hosts which have gotten through in the last month are: blubl, alfa, royce, snday.