What's with the Email Problem Banner?

On the very rare occasion I look at my user page I have been seeing a banner saying that FA has detected a problem with my email.
As far as I can tell I still receive the notification when my PP setup goes down, and I still receive the Friday News.
Further - when I follow the instruction to reconfirm my email I get the response.

How is this being detected?

OK - so this is still happening occasionally.

As far as I can tell my email is working - at least I get all the email I expect to get and then some. I even seem to get email from FA so I ask again - what is this all about?

I believe it happens when FA receives a bounce in response to an email to you.

I am seeing the same. Every couple of weeks I seem to get the banner saying there is a problem with my email, but as far as I am aware I am receiving all of the emails from FA without any problems.

The verification email comes straight through when I re-verify.

I think this is a solution in search of a problem…
When I click to receive the verification email it comes straight through.

It is not possible to tell which of the FA emails is causing the problem. I suspect its the weekly newsletter that does look like spam even to some mail clients.

I find the 6 hour outage emails useful - but I can live with out the weekly mailshot.
Perhaps FA could continue to send outage notices but hold the general emails if they are what is bouncing.

If there is some characteristic of some FA emails that some ISPs see as spam then I think it up to FA to solve the problem in the design of their broadcast email - or perhaps in the server they are using.

These banners will appear when your email provider informs us that they are blocking some or all of our emails to you. This can be problematic if you have flight alerts set up with us, since we may not be able to successfully deliver them to you. The banner will provide a link to receive a verification email which will allow your email provider to unblock your address again.

I thought that by dropping your news letter subscription it might make the problem go away. It didn’t.

The main reason that an internet provider blocks email from a particular server is if the server has a poor reputation on the various antispam listing sites. It is fixed by going to a better mail server service.

This is a problem for FA to fix - It should not be up to your users.

For what its worth, since I have no way of knowing when your mail was bounced cannot get any interest from my ISP in terms of trying to figure what is happening.

The email banner is designed to send a verification to your address. Once that email is received the address will “un-bounce” and then be eligible to receive emails and flight alerts from FlightAware again.

I gathered that much from the message.
My frustration is that it keeps happening and FlightAware don’t want to explain what the issue is.
They say that a recipient of this message should contact their ISP to get FA unblocked, and yet they do not provide a copy of the bounce header so it is possible to ascertain the cause of the bounce.

As I said earlier - the main reason an email sender gets blocked is that the IP that their server is using is associated with spamming…