Sites not showing in report:


Of my three sites: Site 3197 and 4122 are reporting statistics but are not listed on report: “Nearby ADS-B Sites.”

Site 4123 will not let me change “Nearest Airport” and Lat and Long settings. The first two sites. I can change them but the OK button does nothing.

I am using Pi Raspian with Piaware 1.18.


We are looking into this.


UPDATE: Appears that it took an hour or so for some magic to happen somewhere, and now FA agrees with me that I’m in Phoenix. It got the closest airport wrong (DVT, should be SDL) but that was easy enough to fix. So back to building my 1080 MHz colinear antenna.

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

I’ve just got my receiver running, and find that FlightAware thinks I’m in Belgium. While Belgium’s nice for the beer, I’m in Phoenix Arizona. The FA tool won’t let me pick any airport that’s not in Belgium. I’ve done a couple of searches for the solution, but so far I haven’t had any success. As well, it seems really difficult to change lat/lon with the web interface, and it doesn’t “stick”, keeping me at “Last known position: (50.8659494594479, 6.65747342973864)”

Any help would be appreciated!

73 and Cheers - Jon N7UV


Another update - even though my house is immobile, my lat/lon keeps changing on the order of a few miles or more. I had fixed it to my location, but when I go back and check later it’s changed. Since I’m not doing this, what’s happening here and how can I keep it from happening?

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV



You may want to read this post.



Good evening, Mark -

Thanks for the link to the post. It seems to me that it could be that if FA needs 25k positions before the location settles down, then they may be doing reverse rangefinding and actually determining receiver site lat/lon by listening to the a/c reports. My position wanders around my general location as time goes on.

In any event, this is great fun! I also built up one of the colinear antennas today and that improved my coverage range about 8x…

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV


You may want to read this post.



My position hasn’t settled down much, it continues to wander in a somewhat random way all over my part of town. If they’re doing something to deduce my location based upon a/c position reports, it’s not working very well :smiley:


Ok, after 3 solid days of reporting, my location has not changed in over 24 hours. It puts me about 1000’ west of the tarmac at SDL. This is still 3 miles or so from where I am, but at least I’m not getting motion sickness any more.

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV


If you update your location in the control panel now, it should stick and not move any more.



Good day, Marcus -

Thanks for the advice. Sadly, once I changed it (and checked a couple of times to make sure), the next web page auto-refresh changed it right back… It really really really wants me to live next to the airport…

Cheers - Jon N7UV


OK, then just keep trying and reset your position. Mine stuck after some time and is not moving anymore. I read in another thread that it is dependent on the number of days you have been feeding and/or the number of positions that have been reported.