Nearest Airport and Location off


I cannot change my last known position.

Error: Position is too far away from last known position

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Sites not showing in report:
Last Known Position is drifting
Sites not showing in report:
Last Known Position Keeps changing!
GPS correct ?

How far away has the system mis-identified you? Can you post the approximate lat/lon (or email me the exact lat/lon) that you’d like? And for which receiver (or both)?


I have emailed you with further information. Thank you for your assistance.


Thanks, fixed. We’re working to improve the interface to prevent this confusion in the future.


Hello all. I changed “My Location” but it constantly reverts back and the nearest airport changes. I set it, log out and it reverts back. I have this unit setup at KDAN with the antenna on top of the FBO.


I’m sorry, this is a known bug, we’ll be fixing it soon.


No worries, just didn’t know. Thank you!


having the same problem.

receiver is usually at home, but i have with me on the road (~550mi from previous location). I try to update the location pulling my current location and I receive this error.

Any way around it?


Just received this error when trying to fix the position of my receiver. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Update: Just moved closer so I could change the location


Mine does it too (Piaware 1.16) - I’m in Singapore but keeps drifting south into Batam island in Indonesia :wink:

Question, I read through older posts about PiAware devices should have a GPS receiver for acurate time keeping / location. Will this help in this case? Is it still recommended? (I don’t see it on the current set up page for PiAware). Just wondering…



I was wondering about this and found the thread through a search. I run two receivers. One I was able to change the location and airport and it stuck. The other one I change the location of the receiver and about two minutes later it reverts back to the incorrect location it has been displaying for some time. Glad to know it is a fixable bug.


Surprise, surprise! I figured out how to fix it. I was wondering why one of my receivers had its changed location stick while the other would not. For the one that took I had changed the airport at the same time I changed the location (from JFK to LGA). I have not been doing that with the other receiver which has ISP as its airport. So I went in to the settings, selected ISP as the airport and changed the latitude and longitude for my receiver at the same time. Now it is remembering the correct location! Several minutes have passed and it has not reverted.


Since v1.18 was released, does anyone know if this bug has been resolved. Niether my last know positon or nearest airport are correct. I’ve tried several different times to reset w/o any luck.

I first noticed the issue after updating 1.14 to 1.15, I’m currently running 1.17.


I still have the same problem with the latest version v1.18.


I upgraded to 1.18 last night and my changed receiver location is still correct. Upgrading did not override my change. As I noted above, try changing the airport (or just select the existing airport) and change the receiver location at the same time. Works for me and both of my receivers are now properly displayed.

Now the only thing I am curious about is how do I change the city name associated with the receiver. Both say “New York, NY” and I have no idea where that is coded. I have seen one receiver near me that has the proper city name displayed.


Changing airport and coordinates seemed to work for me, but it has since reverted. I wonder if it is somehow getting confused by passing planes.


This is still glitchy, please expect an update soon.


Odd. Site 2058 which had been problematic for me is still correct. I changed it last week an upgraded to 1.18 a few days ago. Something worked and I did what I described above.


What’s really odd is that my location keeps reverting to the SAME wrong location. Exactly the same location. If it was just drifting randomly, it wouldn’t seem so weird. But going back to the same wrong coordinates is kinda freaky.


I wouldn’t worry about trying to diagnose it – the issue is a known problem with a fix in the works. Thanks!


Just wanted to weigh in. My location changes by as much as 50 miles from one day to the next. My exact location should be 29.464738, -98.672175.
I just hung my antenna out the window so once I build my own antenna and mount it on the roof my results should improve. Could this be part of the problem?
Lothar Site 4120