New piAware - "distance too far away"


So I’ve had a pi sitting in the basement not doing much, and recently got the SDR dongle but it didn’t work all that well for what I wanted… after stumbling across this whole ADS-B thing, a big light went off (I’m a ham radio and flying - non pilot - nerd) and I got it working with no problems!

Well there is a slight problem, it has my estimated position about 40 miles from me and won’t let me change it cause it says the “new distance is too far away.”

Any ideas?

Multilateration (MLAT) now available on PiAware!

You can move it short distances at a time, or you can wait for an admin to notice your request and they will manually update it if you provide the new location.


Yeah, after waiting a little while it started moving closer actually. Makes sense. Then I was able to just move it to the right spot.


After a recent cross-country move, I had this exact issue. I dropped the FlightAware admins a note and asked them to drop my feeder location at my local field… so I could “tweak” it into place.

They responded w/in about 12-24 hours and I was up and running again.


So what’s the best way to contact them about this?

I was in Ohio for 10 days and brought my piAware with me - after a day of running there it let me change the location correctly. But now I’ve been back in AZ for 2 days and it’s still showing me in OH and not letting me move it to AZ (and the distance it does let me move it is so small I’d be here half the day just stepping it a bit at a time to get home!)

With the new MLAT stuff I really want to get my position fixed again.