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Correct Way to Move (Relocate) a PiAware Station?


I’ll be moving in a couple of months. Does anyone know the current, correct procedure to move a PiAware based ADS-B receiving station?

I found some previous threads on this subject, but none seemed to have a clear-cut procedure. There were a lot of guessing, work-arounds and experimenting. The main problem was not being able to manually or automatically change the station’s coordinates once turned back on at the new location.

If it matters, I really don’t care about retaining the station’s accumulated stats. I just want to be able to shut it down, move it, and have it work properly at the new location.

Thank you.

Nothing complex needed. Just update the location from the stats page after it’s been moved.


Thank you for such a speedy reply obj. You rock!

Does this mean previous reports about receiving a “too far” error and only being able to change lat/long coordinates by one degree at a time have been fixed?

Yes, that was fixed 3-4 years ago.


I moved recently, once i brought the station up at new location, i updated it in the profile of my stats and it is working without issues.


I sometimes take a Pi traveling with me (to a different continent).
Give it a location and off it goes - no problem.

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