Moving PiAware Feeder


I recently moved my PiAware feeder from Kihei, HI to Phoenix, AZ. When I attempt to change the feeder coordinates in the MY-ADS-B section of Flightaware I get an “Error: New position too far away message.” Should I set up a new account for my Phoenix location or is there a work-around. The feeder will be moving back and forth between AZ and HI a few times a year.


When connected, the feeder will estimate its location based on the positions received. After the position is estimated near its actual location, you can adjust the location based on the lat/long. Typically this takes an hour or so, but could take longer.


After two days, I gave up and just moved it a degree at a time.


OK, so two days after it was set up and receiving positions, it still did not detect a new location? I will file a ticket on this issue. Thank you for the information.


I am in a similar situation. I was in PHX, but brought one receiver with us to Brazil for two weeks. The receiver is connected and updating (12891). However, even after a thousand or two positions, all of A/C in the area, I am still only able to move the location by about a degree at a time. Has the OP’s ticket been fixed? I haven’t tried reloading all s/w on the Pi yet Should I do that?

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV


For clarification, you have 2 sites still in PHX and one in Brazil now, correct? Also, have you already moved the feeders location on the map to its final spot, a degree at a time?


Yes, I still have two sites in PHX and brought the third one temporarily to Brazil while on vacation. I had to move the location no more than 1 deg at a time (lat and lon each 1 deg) and just now got it to the correct location. It was a long journey through the Amazon %^)I f I exceeded 1 deg in either lat or lon I’d get the “moved too far” error. So in theory, I could move 1.414 deg of arc each time if I was really careful…

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV