Location change


Hi all,

How do I change location of my Piaware feed? I have moved countries and when I want to change the location it says new location too far away…





Some have suggested moving it a little bit each day until you have reached your new position. You may get better results contacting support however. (It’s the weekend and they may not respond until normal working hours.)


Thanks dschaper. It’s going to take a very long time to accomplish that if I do it that way round! I’ll rather wait for support to get back to me. Thanks!


FlightAware Support here.

PiAware should establish your approximate location from a continuous feed, usually under an hour. Then you can enter your actual coordinates.

I can’t find a Support ticket. Did you contact Support for help and do you have a ticket number?


Hi Support, I didn’t submit a ticket. It keeps telling me new location too far away :confused: