Stupid Question

I’ve been debating on whether I should post this question for a while now, but I guess I’ve finally built up the courage to post it, rather than taking a “wait and see” approach.

I just received a new job opportunity that is causing me to move a considerable distance from my present location. I intend to bring my RPi with me. My question is will PiAware automatically recognize the change in my geographical location, or is this something that I will need to manually update? I don’t want to create any anomalous data by moving, with my unit still thinking its in the same place.

Thanks in advance!

You will need to update the location manually. The android app Cando it automatically with the gps, but a Pi has no native GPS.


… or ask support to move your location (there may be a limit to the DIY position adjustment distance allowed in one step).

Funny you should ask. I travel a lot, so I thought I would take my “secondary” Piaware setup with me and relocate it manually. Can’t do it - there is a fairly small limit on how far you can change the location. I haven’t figured out what it is yet, but North Carolina to Colorado is outside of it. The new location causes an error message. I disabled the multilat function and it seems to be reporting in just fine otherwise, but having to contact support all the time to move locations seems excessive. I’m not sure it really matters anyway…

If you first set your new coordinates using the pin and map and then refresh the browser page, the drop down list of nearest airports will change to ones for the new location.

You can then select an appropriate airport.

Doesn’t work - the new coordinates can’t be saved (“too far away”) and refreshing after updating the pin but not saving it yet results in loss of the updated data.

FA staff should be able to assist you with this. You should raise a request on these forums

Yeah, I know they can force it - I was just hoping that I’f be able to relocate the receiver on a somewhat regular basis without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. Maybe I can get them to add some kind of “are you sure?” verification step that will allow a user to change the location without a fight.

That happened to me when moving my pi’s to a new location in Mexico from Arizona.
But after a few minutes (like 30) of tracking airplanes it allowed me to change the location fine and to select the new closest airport. It seems it needs to get enough new lat’s & long’s for a while to allow the change.

The message was at the beginning “Too far Away” too.


Four days hasn’t done it so far…about 1500 aircraft a day, still won’t accept a new position.

Now that my move is complete, updating my position was pretty easy. I plugged my unit in, allowed it to connect to my network and then used the map feature to drop the pin near my location. I could then choose from a drop down list of nearby airports within the local area. Easy enough.