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Change your "nearest airport" and location

You can now update your location (latitude/longitude) and pick a better “nearby airport” when viewing your stats page that’s linked on flightaware.com/adsb/stats

Your location must be near where FlightAware thinks you’re located and your airport must be nearby that lat/lon, but this allows you to make minor corrections.

We do not reveal your exact latitude/longitude to anyone – the numbers are rounded when displayed on a map or elsewhere.

That should make people happy and free up support staff for other higher priority work.
Great response.

Thanks Daniel I was always a bit annoyed being associated with an airport in England being on the Welsh side of the border :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Great! Question on this. I’m moving in a few months, will my location and airport auto-update to my new location?

If you feed with PlanePlotter or Radarcape and it provides the location, then as long as you update it there, it will. Otherwise, it should do it automatically but some refinement may be necessary.

I’m using PiAware (and love it, btw). So when I move, I’ll keep an eye on my profile to see if it auto updated successfully.

Excellent - the ‘automatically detected location’ is wrong if the the antenna is blocked from recieving signals from one direction.

Thanks for that. I noticed on a 3 month cross country trip that FA updated my location inconsistently.
That explains it!
An old sign: “The laws of Physics are absolute. What makes you think we know them?”

Running PiAware.

Why does my nearest airport and location change from time to time even after I set them manually?

This morning I awoke with PiAware thinking my nearest airport was over 40 miles away!

The other day I noted that my PiAware was showing it was located about 60 miles to the northeast of its true location.

I reset the lat/long, hit check, it shows correctly, and I hit okay. I then reload the PiAware’s feeder page…and all is well.

Then I’ll come back the next day…and its reset itself back to the same position 60 miles to the northeast.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks much,

Why is my “nearest airport” over 250 miles from where I’m really at?

Running PiAware BTW…

I think I saw an answer to this on another thread. Could be wrong but my current understanding is the position of your receiver is the average position of the planes that you tracked over the day.

Does piaware use the -lon -lat options that are available in dump1090, or is there such options in piaware, so that on can exactly specify location when receiving range is not center on antenna position?

Not yet, but if you setup your dump1090 with them, we’re adding that soon.

Today I tried changing the location of two of my PiAware feeders (lat long points). The change seemed to show up on my feeder map but then changed back to the initial location within an hour. Any ideas?