User Location Changed


I had something strange occur. I registered my PiAware box about 4 days ago on FlightAware. Things were going great, seeing lots of aircraft. I’ve logged into the FlightAware site and viewed my statistics by clicking ‘My ADS-B’ at the top of the page. Today I logged in and noticed that my location had changed to South Carolina… I’m in Michigan (nearest airport is KOZW). I sent an email to FlightAware, and the person who replied suggested re-registering my device.

I’m guessing that by doing that, all of my statistics will be gone? Also, I can’t really figure out how to re-register the device. When attempting to update my Lat/Long, the page says it’s too far away from my current location.

Any suggestions?



After searching a bit more, i see this may be a known bug. Is there someone on the backend that can assist me in getting this corrected? Thanks!


Are you still having issues with your location?

We’ve made several improvements to the ADSB stats page and location updating, since the time of your post.