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Last known position

Hi all,

Just joined this effort last night. I don’t know if this matters at all, but I notice when I go to my stats page, it shows my last known location with the wrong coordinates. I have manually corrected it twice, but it always goes back to the wrong one eventually. Is this determined by geo-locating my IP address or some other way? Does it matter?


It doesn’t matter much, but it’s annoying, right? We’ll have that fixed soon.

No big deal, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem. Thanks for the reply! I’m really enjoying getting involved in this. Very cool stuff.


I seem to have the same issue. The positioning is about 25 miles off. I change it and it reverts back again.

Marty Becker

Hello! I am impacted by this as well – my position keeps getting shifted about 60 miles to the east - which is causing my Coverage Distribution chart to be effectively backwards!! A fix would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi folks, we’re working on a fix for this.

Great!! Looking forward to it!

Completely out of curiosity, how is “Last Known Position” currently being determined? is it fed from my PiAware station? I’m curious to know what is pointing my stations location to a spot 60 miles away in rugged mountains!

For PiAware, it’s the center of all the positions you’ve received, so it’s not very accurate unless your coverage is equal in all directions.

Bump… Installed today and piaware thinks I’m near KSJC… Nearest airport is KALB…

Our estimated position and nearest airport are both guesses, but we believe the bug of it auto-resetting is fixed, so you should be able to update both of those on your stats page to the correct location.

nope… still can’t reset…

Can you clarify what happens or what you see?

Say’s I’m near Saratoga, CA. Put in the correct latitude and longitude for where I live, click “check,” map goes to that location, click “save” and I get “Error: Position is too far away from last known position”

Approximately where is your real position?

Call it Schenectady County Airport (KSCH)

Good morning. I have built two PiAware ADS-B receivers this weekend and added them to my FlightAware account: flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/afalk42

One is located at our Ski House in Bretton Woods, NH, and one is located in our home in Marblehead, MA. I used great care to specify the exact GPS coordinates for each receiver using your web interface on the above page, and entered the following positions:

FA Receiver ID:2990
GPS: 44.258715, -71.467214

FA Receiver ID:3045
GPS: 42.4792233, -70.8793633

This thread seems to indicate that the bug should have been fixed and that a manual entry of the coordinates should now no longer auto-reset. That doesn’t seem to be working.

When I look at the website after about an hour or two, the “Last Known Position” of both receivers has changed again to a nearby location (probably center of average recorded position of all flights seen). For the Marblehead location, the Last Known Position shown on the site is only about 5 miles off, but in the mountains coverage is definitely not equal in all directions, so the position is now about 20 miles off from the real position.

Bug simply does not seem to be fixed. Hopefully this precise information on real GPS positions and the account details will allow you to debug it further.

Same problem on both of my receivers. One in Taos NM shield on one side by high terrain so anything but the real GPS position (which I enter) will be wrong.

Other receiver in St. Louis. Distribution isn’t perfect but Flightaware still persists in moving Last Position no matter how many times I give it the correct position. In real life, particularly in an urban environment, any attempt to get position by signal distribution is hopeless.

The automatic location is better than nothing and is a ballpark. We expect people to be able to update their location, although we’re having issues with that feature at the moment, but those will be resolved next week.

Does produce some interesting results. This afternoon my Taos site “moved” to Clearwater FL. Couldn’t change that. Then it moved to Alexandria LA. I guess it’ll get back to Taos eventually.

At the same time the layout of the stats page went from a tabbed format to a sequential report which, among other things, doesn’t show the current day’s statistics.

No real problem – just reporting.

Looks like the current day counts are there, just that the column headers are off by a day.