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W9DAD Sites not showing on Near ADS-B Sites


I have three Pi’s running Piaware: Site 3197, 4122, and 4123. I plan to differentiate two of them by giving them directional Yagi Antennas, but for now, I am trying to get them all running the same.

Site 4123 will not let me change “Nearest Airport” and Lat and Long settings. The first two sites, I can.

Alternately, Sites 3197 and 4122 do let me change nearest airport and Lat/Long they do not show on Nearby ADS-B Sites. All three were at one time working, but now do not.

What has changed? I upgraded Site 3197 and from Piaware 1.16 to 1.18 and I had my userID chaged from thombsm to W9DAD.

the correct Lat/Long for Site 4123 should be 41.5298, -71.229