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Sharing my data

From the instructions i’m aware that the first install is a desktop application for the raspberrypi but as I am using stretch and feed to FR24 radarbox and radar360 I am wondering if I can share my data without doing the desktop install that may delete my current feeds. as I can currently do things by commands screen only if that makes sense, (I’m new)

You should be able with this which describes how to install the client on an existing device:

Well if he wants to keep using his current dump1090, then he should not install dump1090-fa.
But the rest of the guide is valid.

Just omit Step 3 (sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa) from the guide.

Depending on what dump1090 you are currently using, you might need to configure it to offer beast data on port 30005.

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Uh, you’re right, i missed that part.

Right so I’ve done that on flightaware site it shows my Pi IP ends 80 but it’s 81 (80 was previous setup) how do it change this?

This is most likely what you want:
For Beginners - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install

I think he is more related to the port where the web interface goes to (80 and 81), or?

Well you can’t change that.
The stats webpage assumes you are using a standard install.

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Thanks that’s sorted and back up and running. I had set it up on a Pi 4 but not everything worked and found out Pi 4 and buster wasn’t supported (when I contacted support) so got the 3 and set everything else up and only just round to flightaware

The Pi4 works with some tweaks. See this post: New Raspberry Pi available - Pi 4

I would recommend using dump1090-fa instead of your current dump1090, but it’s not required.
If you are currently using the builtin fr24feed dump1090, i you can use my script that changes over to dump1090-fa while still keeping the old map around: