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Feeding data to FlightAware from Radarbox


Hi guys,

I’ve been trying out the RadarBox24 cheapo dongle and I’m pretty impressed to be honest.

Is there a way for me to feed the data to FlightAware, without a full install? The reason I don’t want a full install is that I also run PiHole on the Pi that the RB is running on, and I’ve had issues trying to run both FlightAware and PiHole on the same box.


But the main issue was that you couldn’t see the local map, wasn’t it?

Anyway do you have any feed software already installed?
If any dump1090 is already installed, then you only need to install piaware.

Otherwise you need to install both dump1090-fa and piaware.

It seems the problems with PiHole are resolved by doing something relatively simple:
(Can't get PIAware running)

Run this command:

sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/external.conf

Now copy and paste the following:

server.modules += (

Ctrl-x to exit, y (yes) and enter to save.

Then you just reboot the pi and it should be up and running including the local map being accessible:

192.168.xxx.xxx:8080 - Shows the Pi-Aware web page
192.168.xxx.xxx/admin - Shows the Pi-Hole Interface


Yep, it was mostly the map :smile:

Thanks for the quick and informative reply. I shall give it another try (installing FA on PiHole box) now there seems to be an easy way to config them to co-exist.

I’m not really sure if I have dump1090 or not. The RB site states “The RBFeeder is designed to take on the role of dump1090”.

Thanks again - will report back!



Try installing only piaware then.

They sure run dump1090 but i’m not sure if it is offering data on 30005.

And if you want the SkyView local map you need to install dump1090-fa anyway and change the rbfeeder:

In /etc/rbfeeder.ini
the first section needs to be like this:


the network sections needs to be like this:



Thanks again - I’m not sure it’s sending data out, either. I have VRS grabbing data from other Pi with FlightAware on it (want to free up that Pi, hence wanting to install FA on the same Pi as RB). I’ve tried setting a new feed on VRS, pulling data from the RB Pi, but it’s not finding anything. Says it can’t connect.
Will do some more digging.


Just change the rb feeder configuration as described and install dump1090-fa.

They will be running an internal dump1090 that doesn’t offer any data on 30005, because why would you make it easy for people to run other feeders.