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Raspberry Pi + dump1090 feed directly to FlightAware

I am currently feeding FA from PlanePlotter + SBS-1.

I also have R-Pi with dump1090 running successfully and am able to share to PP with that. Unfortunately that does not do secondary sharing so I need to make some other arrangement if I am to be able to feed to FA when I set the R-Pi up as a remote feeder.

Does FA have any plan to help sharers feed from R-Pi directly? … possibly with a program that can run on the Pi and read port 30003 from dump1090.

(The new FA data box looks suspiciously like an R-Pi with its HDMI connector… Hmmm?)

Yeah we intend to release a package you can install to share to FA from your Pi.

And it’s not to suspicious – FlightFeeder does have a Raspberry Pi inside.

Thanks David. It makes sense use a Pi in the back end of your box. I will be interested it see the price.

I would be interested if I could just download the feeder software if it will work with dump1090…

Not specifically for Dump1090 as I run John Carrolls excellent decodeadsb software with my Beast MkII but how is any development for a Linux feeder going? I really would like to contribute either with a “FlightFeeder” (already requested but no response) or with my current set up but I’m not prepared to downgrade to MS Windows for feeding.


New Zealand

Both a windows and linux app would be most useful.

I am getting close to dropping PP but would like to continue to feed FA. The app is pretty much the only thing stopping me.



Thanks, guys. We’re working on it!

Any news?
I’m waiting for share without PC running 24h.

I’m currently hosting a FlightFeeder by FlightAware and FYI it’s made up of a Raspberry Pi wired by USB to a Mode-S Beast card. You simply go to port 8080 and you can access Dump1090 that’s running on the FlightFeeder box.
Once FlightAware releases this software I’m sure you guys should be able to run something similar on your own Raspberry Pi’s.

My FlightFeeder Dump1090 screen

Mode S Beast card as used inside the FlightFeeder

FlightFeeder Box

Hi, everyone. I know many of you are eager to start sending data from your own hardware rigs via methods other than or beyond PlanePlotter and we are eager to receive it as well.

And of course the problem is the software’s not ready, but it is getting close. Let me explain why some new software is needed:

Our approach with FlightFeeder is to run a modified version of dump1090 (that we’ve published on github) that filters the data to way reduce upload traffic and then have a second program locally that connects to FlightAware, aggregates the ADS-B positions, and forwards them over an encrypted, compressed TCP connection. (At a medium-busy site it only sends a handful of kilobits a second at the busiest times, although your results may be different.)

Anyway, the way FlightFeeders forward data is tightly tied with a way we provide ourselves to remotely administer the FlightFeeder boxes, and we think most of you would not accept letting us remotely access your Raspberry Pi, or whatever you’re using, with superuser privileges, nor are we keen to take on trying to administer peoples’ various systems and configurations.

So we are creating a new way to connect to FlightAware that’s simpler, cleaner, and more standalone, yet is still filtered, encrypted, authenticated, and compressed, with the same low upstream bandwidth usage.

The server side is working, but immature (and thus may have reliability or performance problems in the first weeks), and the client side is “almost there”. It’ll eventually be an install package for Raspbian and probably Debian and perhaps some other Linuxes, and for the first releases it’ll probably be a tar archive containing some files and an install script. I think this will be ready for beta within the next couple weeks.

As for Windows, right now we’re only in the thinking stage and we haven’t committed to anything. Macs would be easier since they’re BSD UNIX-based and similar enough to Linux that the code can be ported with minimal effort, but in both cases it feels more like people want “fire and forget” systems that they can leave up all the time, and things like the $35 Raspberry Pi seem more desirable for these sorts of applications than always leaving your workstation running some program and wondering if it’s impacting your frame rate in Call of Duty or whatever! :slight_smile:

Joking aside, we are committed to this and providing something good that’s respectful of your bandwidth and allows local access and ports for sharing with other apps and services. And as I said, we’re close.

Thanks Karl…

I look forward to the end result…

As for the FA Feeder … It sounds good too. I had hoped it would nt be expensive when it comes available to buy - but with a Beast perhaps it won’t be…

Hi Karl:

Looking forward to the FA dump1090 solution to enable a Raspberry Pi to run with The Beast.

Would this solution be capable to handle a 2-channel (or even the 4-channel) Beast?


Any updates on how it is going? PP drops out from time to time and wanting to move everything off two power hungry systems (PC and Laptop) to a Raspberry Pi.

It looks like there has been some activity on the GitHub repository. https://github.com/flightaware

can anybody post me (or email me) sample output from SBS-3 with settings “SBS3 - as Client” (subscribed at flightaware.com/adsb/sbs3/)?
I don’t know how data format looks like…

btw, I’ve compiled dump1090_mr from git FlightAware.



Have you considered using a RTL-SDR dongle instead of the Beast board :question:

The software defined radio goes or $14 on a well known auction site or $12 from China if you want to wait a few weeks.

I’m currently feeding another site ADS-B data using this setup with a Raspberry Pi and it works very well

Would love to contribute to FA just waiting for some software that loves the ARM processor from you guys. :mrgreen:


Cant wait for this !!!

I have a FlightFeeder, and would like to supplement it with a MiniFlightFeeder (RPi,RTL2832U/R820T,external antena)

Is there anything going on with the Raspberry Pi software ? :confused:

Hi Karl
Any chance of a progress report

I notice that ticking the Send to FA box in PlanePlotter causes PP to send a data sentence to you at the same time it sends to Bev.

Have you thought of making the code available to add a bit on to ppup so we can send to you at the same time as we send to planeplotter when using the RPi as a stand-alone feed to PP - sort or emulating the way PP on Windows shares with others.



+1 to this thread. Compiled the Flightaware dump1090 source and nothing sticks out as being able to ship the data off to Flightaware yet. Planeplotter works but a single solution would be nice. Keep up the good work.