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ADS-B and Linux Feeder

As more and more enthusiasts start to set up installations on the back of RPi’s, BeagleBones and Droids is FA at all interested in developing and making available a feeder software for these Linux OS’s?

We’re going to release support for dump1090 soon.


old topic, but still relevant for me.

I have gr-air-modes up and running in a linux server, can I use that to start feeding also to FlightAware?
The modes_rx program has the --sbs1 switch, which opens a SBS-1-compatible server on port 30003.

If not, what other options I have? The USB DVB-T stick is connected to a x86 box running Fedora 20.


I was trying to add piaware to my existing dump1090 setup on raspberry pi, but it did not allow to configure (remote) ports to connect to; Only way was to get fadump1090 with piaware and replace current setup. Sadly this does not seem to be solution for you.

dbaker: is there any way how to run just the feeder somewhere remotely and connect to dump1090 or any other station providing data in SBS format? (this is my situation - I am feeding antoher flight tracking services and my feeders run on separate server rather than directly on the machine receiving ADS-B data; mainly because of CPU and memory load, since it runs on Raspberry).

Oh that’s interesting. There’s a command line argument in faup1090 to look to another host as the source of data but we don’t have a mechanism in place to set it and even if it was hand-added to /etc/init.d/fadump1090.sh I don’t believe it will work without changes to piaware, which more thoroughly assumes the ADS-B data producer is running on the local machine.

I think this is a worthy thing for us to support and I’ll put it on the roadmap for 1.18, which is probably two to four weeks away.

"Few problems cannot be resolved with another layer of indirection or a new version of the operating system"
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Great job folks!

Does this allow me to run piaware in a x86_64 FC20 box on top of gr-air-modes (modes_rx)?

Or, if piaware does not run in a x86_64 box, can I run piaware in a separate Raspi?

Piaware in the Raspi would be talking to the gr-air-modes (modes-rx) via port 30003 in the bigger host.

I’d not like to change gr-air-modes (modes-rx) to dump1090, but I’m willing to consider that if it is
the only way to get FlightAware reports running, and the other things I need to do work on top of this
kind of set-up.

But the receiver needs to stay in the x86_64 FC20 box, that is where the antenna is. Not easy to change.

Am I the only one trying to feed reports to FlightWare using Intel-based HW and (desktop/server) Línux?


Update: gr-air-modes (modes-rx) replaced with dum1090 (from MR git), so I’m also waiting for a piaware what
can connect to dump1090 running in a different host.

What you can do already is run dump1090 in --net-only mode on the machine that is running piaware, then feed data to that dump1090 from whereever you want.
piaware/faup1090 will connect to the --net-only dump1090 and receive whatever data is fed to it.

I have my setup looking like this at the moment:

receiver 1:

  • dump1090 connected to an antenna, listens on port 31005 (only) in “beast output” mode
  • dump1090 in --net-only mode listening on the usual set of ports - notably 30004 for “beast input” and 30005 for “beast output”
  • piaware/faup1090 connected to the --net-only instance
  • nc tunnel from localhost:31005 to localhost:30004

receiver 2:

  • dump1090 connected to an antenna, listens on port 31005 (only) in “beast output” mode
  • nc tunnel from localhost:31005 to receiver1:30004

(The two antennas are physically about 10m apart, on opposite sides of the building, so it doesn’t make much sense to feed them as separate receivers)

In this model you could easily move piaware / faup1090 / the --net-only dump1090 off receiver1 if you wanted, or add new feeds from whatever source you wanted e.g. gr-air-modes